Air Raid Training at Abingdon County Hall Museum

January 27, 2013

Air Raid Training
Yesterday in the basement of the County Hall, in Abingdon, Air Raid Wardens gave demonstrations throughout the day about what to do in case of a WWII air raid.

Given that Abingdon is close to an RAF base, and close to the MG tank factory, there is a serious risk that an attack by German bombers may hit the works or town.
Air Raid Training
Incendiary bombs like the one in this picture have caused a lot of damage in cities such as London, and Coventry, but they could be used against Abingdon.
Air Raid Training
We were told not to handle UXBs (unexploded bombs), but to scoop them up with the hoe and pan, and then put them into a bucket of sand.

We were also told about air raid shelters, and how to put on gas masks. Gas masks have special filters, and include a layer of asbestos, and should be carried at all times.

Finally we were taught some sounds to save our lives. They can be heard on this film recording of the event …

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  • 1. Tony  |  January 29, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    When I heard the rattle I shouted “come on you Blues!”
    Terraces full of those are a childhood memory in the early 60’s the basement certainly has that shelter feel about it too,

  • 2. Backstreeter  |  February 8, 2013 at 12:40 am

    we were told rattles were banned during the war because of the confusion they would cause

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