The school run accounts for a large proportion of rush-hour traffic

school run
At ten past eight this morning, some snow was falling. I overheard some school pupils saying there would need to be more snow to settle. A biffa lorry collecting trade waste outside the Helen and Douglas charity shop did not hold up the slow flow of traffic. A man was positioned to throw the dozen bags in the back while the traffic waited in West St Helen Street.

Traffic is back to its normal school day pattern. Last week during half term there were much smaller queues. I read on a site called Walking to School, ‘The average drive to school and back releases 800g of CO2 into the air – enough to inflate over 60 balloons.’

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Lent Lectures

Lent Lectures
The Church-in-Abingdon’s Lent Lectures 2020 will be held each Monday in March at 8.00pm at St Helen’s Church.

The five public lectures by The Revd Dr Charles Miller look at the Chapel of the Rosary, designed and decorated by Henri Matisse. The lectures will be art appreciation, and spiritual lessons drawn from the chapel

In 2015, Revd Dr Charles Miller led a similar art-inspired series of lent lectures on the frescoes of Fra Angelico in the San Marco Dominican Convent in Florence.

Lent is a period of reflection and preparation in the run up to Easter. Easter Sunday is 12th April this year.

Lent begins today on Ash Wednesday. St Helen’s join for an Ash Wednesday service at St Michael & All Angels Church at 7.30 pm. There is a Mass at Our Lady and St Edmund Church at 7 pm. Christchurch has a 8 pm service.

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Abingdon Town Crier starts Lake District Pancake Race

Lake District Pancake Race
Look closely at this scene from the annual Troutbeck Shrove Tuesday Pancake race and you will see a green figure back along the road (Thank you to Smooth Radio Lake District for this picture.)
Lake District Pancake Race
Then look at this picture and you will see a uniform identical to that of an Abingdon Town Crier practising his ‘Hear Ye, Hear ye’ in The Lakes. (Thankyou to Roger Davies for this picture).
Lake District Pancake Race
For twenty years an Abingdon Town Crier has been travelling to Troutbeck to assist in their pancake race, and this year will be his last.

Read all about it in the Westmorland Gazette at

Thank you to the Westmorland Gazette for the picture. I did speak to a reporter who said I could use the picture if they owned it and he would check. So all rights reserved to the original owner. He never got back to me.

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Acacia UK shop to reopen – April 4th 2020

Acacia UK shop
After being boarded up following the fire in 2017, the Acacia UK shop, in Bath Street, Abingdon, has been rebuilt.
Acacia UK shop
There are large notices in the 4 windows.

1. The opening will be on Saturday April 4th.
2. They will be taking donations Tuesday-Thursday between 10th March and 1st April.
Acacia UK shop
3. A list of donations they would love to receive. ‘Please do not leave donations on the shop doorstep – this is what caused the fire!’

4. Thank you for all your support and donations …

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Barton Fields in February

In January I suggested a monthly visit to The Barton Fields Nature Reserve and here we are in February.
Barton Fields in February
The Thames Path runs along one side of Barton Fields. It is wet and muddy.
Barton Fields in February
The marshy ponds have become more extensive after the recent rain.
Barton Fields in February
The Sustrans Route 5 cycle way runs along the other side. A lot of the trees and bushes arch over the cycle way with their show of blossom.
Barton Fields in February
Small leaves are also appearing from the wood.
Barton Fields in February
The hay, reported in this blog last autumn, has been left in piles which provide an area for some animals to over-winter.
Barton Fields in February
The only mammal I saw, apart from the people and dogs out on walks, was a squirrel, and it was well hidden.
Barton Fields in February
There were lots of birds. In one area of bushes, near a pond, there were lots of Tits and Goldfinches flying from perch to perch. On further investigation I discovered they were attracted by bird feeders hung from a tree.
Barton Fields in February
On the notice boards, at either end of Barton Fields, a talk is being advertised. It is about a Floodplain Meadow Project run by BBOWT. So that could have some ideas for Barton Fields where a wild flower area is being established.

Normally members of the Abingdon Naturalists’ Society also talk about sightings they have made seen since the last meeting. I wonder what they have seen in Barton Fields during February.

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