Abingdon Shop Change – Patisserie to Massage

Patisserie to Massage
Delicious Abi, the patisserie on West St Helen Street, closed in March, and the shop front has changed to Abingdon Thai Massage. They will give head, foot, back and oil massage.

I did look up Thai Massage on Wikipedia and read ‘Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions.’ That just shows that Wikipedia does not always get things right.

Wikipedia also says the founder of Thai massage and medicine is said to have been Shivago Komarpaj the Buddha’s physician over 2,500 years ago.

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UK Active in Abingdon

UK Active have awards for sports centres and people who make a healthier and more physically active nation. For UK Active awards 2019 an Abingdon sports centre and person are in the running for their awards.
UK Active
The White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre is a finalist for two categories: Inclusion & Disability Award, and Southern UK Regional Club / Centre.
UK Active
Viv Boorman (pictured here left at the recent Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day); is a finalist for Physical Activity Champion.

Viv began Abingdon Health Walks in 2003 after retiring from teaching. She recruited other people to help lead walks, beginning small with no funding. She started walks at The White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre with people mostly between 60 and 80 years old. What started with a small group has grown and grown.

You can read more on the UK Active awards 2019 site, and Vote for Viv.

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St Georges Day 2019

St Georges Day 2019
St Georges Day 2019 was remembered by Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers with a pub tour. These pictures were taken in the courtyard of the Kings Head and Bell.
St Georges Day 2019
The dancers serenaded the Mayor of Abingdon in one dance.
St Georges Day 2019
Their own Squire, The Mayor of Ock Street, can be seen here with the sword and cup and Horns of Ock Street.

The Church of England have delayed their celebration of St George as we are so close to Easter, but that did not apply to Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers who made sure it was remembered on April 23rd.

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Defending our Waterways

A lovely Bank Holiday Monday here in Abingdon. Our waterways are secure, or are they?.
Defending our waterways
People may sometimes wonder whether noticeboards at Abingdon Lock are put there for amusement or safety.
Defending our waterways
In this case it was amusing but important safety information. The Captain of Le Boat from Benson hit a shoal (sediment bank), and needed help to reverse to get back into the navigation channel.
Defending our waterways
After last weekend’s  WWII re-enactment event a new board has appeared at Abingdon Lock, about the Upper Thames Patrol – Defending the River against the Threat of Invasion.
Defending our waterways
The biggest danger to our waterways is the lack of funding to the environment agency. They do not have enough resources to keep our waterways safe for casual boaters.

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Dressing the Cross on Easter Sunday in Abingdon and Cumnor

Dressing the Cross
At the start of the 10:30 Service on Easter Sunday at Trinity Church, Abingdon, a wire framed cross was decorated with flowers – some brought from people’s gardens. Prayers were said for the people of Sri Lanka after the deadly bomb attacks in churches in that country early this morning.
Dressing the Cross
There is a growing tradition in Oxfordshire of dressing the cross with flowers on Easter Sunday. At Cumnor URC Chapel they have been doing it for years. Thankyou for the Cumnor Village magazine for the picture of daffodils from a previous year.

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