Town Centre Day Centre looking for a new use

Town Centre Day Centre
The former Charter Day Centre (the downstairs part) has been empty since it closed as a Day Centre for people with Learning Disabilities in October 2017. Before that it served as a Day Centre for the elderly until 2008.
Town Centre Day Centre
Suggested uses by the estate agent are educational or as a surgery. It is next door to the library and Malthouse Surgery and multi story carpark.

It would also make a good day centre. The rent is too high though for a community group to take it on.

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Church in Abingdon Quiz

Church in Abingdon Quiz
The Church in Abingdon annual quiz this year was at St Michael’s Church. St Michael’s still have the crib and Christmas decorations up. They will remove the decorations at Candlemas on February 2nd at the end of their Epiphany-tide. They also put the decorations up very late on Christmas Eve.
Church in Abingdon Quiz
The church seats had been cleared and the church had tables and chairs for the different church teams. The person asking the questions was an ex teacher from Larkmead who taught our son Religious Education. He remembers her well, and puts down his enduring curiosity about the unanswerable questions of religion to her teaching. She was a very lively and entertaining hostess.

We started with picture quizzes while people gathered: one was naming properties round the Monopoly Board, the other was recognising famous people as children.

Then there were eight rounds on different topics.

There were two rounds you would not have found at pub quizzes. One was the fiendishly difficult round on women in the bible. For most teams it was the lowest scoring round. (Name one of the daughters of Job in the bible? They were: Jemimah, Keziah and Keren-Happuch).
Church in Abingdon Quiz
Then there was a much easier guess the hymn tune with Glynn Butt playing the first line of each hymn on the piano. Most teams got 10 out of 10 for hymns and scored between 1-6 for women in the bible.

At the break there was a wide selection of cakes, and savouries on offer with tea and coffee, for which you could make a donation. The people of St Michael’s did us proud in hosting the evening.

The final quiz round was about Abingdon’s Twin Towns. One of our team was part of the Abingdon and District Twinning Society and that helped us a lot. There was also a Twinning Society quiz the night before at Preston Road Community Centre.

Here are the questions we had on twinning for anybody interested. I will put answers in the comments unless somebody beats me to it.

Abingdon’s twin town Argentan in France is in what region?
What fabric is Argentan well known for producing?
The twin town St Niklaas in Belgium is in what region?
What famous map maker has a museum in St Niklaas?
The twin town Colmar in France is in what region?
What product is Colmar famous for?
The twin town Schongau in Germany is in what region?
What town near Schongau has a famous passion play this year?
The twin town Lucca in Italy is in what region?
What famous composer was born in Lucca?
Church in Abingdon Quiz
At the end the scores were totalled and the Trinity team just pipped the team of Christ Church in Long Furlong by 1/2 point. The team who won the women in the bible round get to host next year’s quiz. I think that is Abingdon Baptist Church but am not sure. Team’s chose cryptic names. (Update – Peachcroft are hosting it next year).

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Furniture businesses return to Abingdon Town Centre

Furniture businesses
There is a new bed and mattress shop that has opened in the ex Superdrug store next to poundland. They opened a few days ago and there is an opening sale on at the moment. I don’t know a lot more but the lady running it told me they had taken out a lease for a couple of years and will extend that if it works well here.
Furniture businesses
In the shop that was Simon’s News in East St Helen Street a new shop will be opening soon. Work has been going on in there behind the whitened shop windows, and now a sign is showing in the door. It will sell restored furniture and homeware accessories. More news in the weeks to come.

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Thames-side Resident Association – Socials / Traffic and River Bridge / Community Centre / New Phone Boxes

Tomorrow Evening we have a committee meeting of the Preston Road Community Centre Association. We still have some of the old handwritten minutes from the Thames-side Residents Association (TRA). The TRA fund raised to get Preston Road Community Centre built.

The following extracts from meetings of the TRA from 1972-4 provide a little social history. There might even be something to learn from the past.

Everything under control – 185 tickets have been sold for April 7th Social.

The next social is a barn dance. The caller Ken Moore is very good at teaching newcomers to join in.

The darts match on May 8th at the MG’s club on Caldecott Road was judged by all to be a roaring success.

The social was aided by the excellent food prepared by Mrs Judy Baughan … It is sad we saw the Baughans moving house, and hope their life in Wolverhampton will be a happy one.

The coach trip to Bristol Zoo was a notable success.

Despite the Government’s Emergency Power measures we were able to hold our Children’s Christmas Party.
Traffic and River Bridge
Traffic and River Crossing

Traffic has become a major problem in many towns nowadays but with the completion of the A34 bypass, much of the through traffic will be removed from the town.

When the Abingdon By-pass is opened gravel extraction lorries will go via Oday Hill not Preston Road and Wilsham Road.

Following the D.A.W Report’s recommendation of a new bridge across the Thames at St Helen’s Wharf, Abingdon Borough Council appointed a firm of traffic consultants to re-analyse the current and possible future traffic situation in Abingdon. It said:

  • The bridge scheme at St Helens Wharf, although probably best for traffic flow, does not have sufficient flexibility and is an environmental disaster. 
  • Stratton Way should be extended to Wilsham Road so that South Abingdon is not cut off.
  • If a new bridge is required then it should be sited at Culham Reach. That would require a new road from the Drayton Road south of Sutton Fields, Overmead and Riverside estates.

The gravel / refuse lorries are starting to creep in again. The only lorries using Preston Road should be corporation dust-carts. If you see any violations please contact Curtis direct.
Community Centre
Community Centre

At long last some activity – the community centre steering group have obtained quotes from builders.

Abingdon Borough Council will set aside £15000 for community facilities including £3000 for the Mill Road Clinic and £12000 for a Community Centre in Preston Road

The Community Centre money we have raised so far will only stretch to the bare shell of a building. We will probably have to do things like electrics, heating, and some plumbing ourselves.
New Phone Boxes
New Phone Boxes

Another victory as another phone box is being erected at Kensington Close

Judging by the heavy use of the telephone box at the corner of Kensington Close it more than justifies our request for more.

The GPO have decided to install another phone box along the river bank by Wilsham Road / Saxton Road.

(Phone Box image thanks to Google Maps 2008. The original should have been red.)

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Abbey Gateway

Postcard Craze
This postcard (County Series. No 3326) is of the Abbey Gateway, Abingdon, and was sent with the message ‘This and some very old buildings here all over the place.’.
Postcard Craze
The very old buildings are still here in Abingdon, but farm animals no longer laze about.
Postcard Craze
There were a couple of stone faces over the gateway I had not noticed before. Are they multiplying?

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