This is how it felt to be on Abingdon Market Place today

Abingdon Market Place
There was plenty going on today on Abingdon Market Place today. There were stalls (quite a few of them with chilli).
Abingdon Market Place
Some were serving hot food (Indian and Wood fired pizza). There were not as many BBQ stalls as hoped for, but then the main caterer dropped out at the last moment.Abingdon Market Place
Hedges, the Abingdon Butcher (normally to be found along Queen Street) had a selection of meats for the home BBQ.
Abingdon Market Place
There were fun stalls and rides.
Abingdon Market Place
There was also a bar, and music including Tom Hingley and the Kar-pets. Tom was born in Abingdon, and left to find fortune in Manchester where he became the lead singer of the 90’s group the Inspiral Carpets.
Abingdon Market Place
The event was organised by Yummy Events who also organise the Abingdon Chilli Festival.

The young lady who organised it was upset that her BBQ caterer could not make it, and about letting some people down, but there was sunshine and excellent music. It was another good day on Abingdon Market Place thanks to her.

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Monk of Abingdon’s roundabout – May 2019 happenings

Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
On the Monk of Abingdon’s roundabout there is an advert for the Oxfordshire BBQ Festival on Abingdon Market Place – Sat 25th May – organised by Dawn who does the Oxfordshire Chilli Festival.
Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
Congratulations to the Hilton Garden Inn that fully opened on 14th May.
Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
Nearby at the Fairacres retail park, Homebase, Topps Tiles, AHF and Vineys are due to be replaced with five new units. Homebase are closing in August.
Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
There are also savings on ex display furniture at AHF Abingdon who are closing in July.

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European Elections 2019 in Abingdon

European Elections
Polling stations in Abingdon have been open for the second time this month. Three weeks ago they opened for the district and parish elections, and this Thursday it is the European elections, which were supposed not to happen as the UK should have left the European Union on 29th March 2019.

Abingdon is part of the South East of England and we were given the following choice of parties and Independents:
Change UK (10 candidates)
Conservative (10 candidates)
Green (10 Candidates)
Labour (10 Candidates)
Liberal Democrats (10 Candidates)
The Brexit Party (10 Candidates)
The Socialist Party of Great Britain (10 Candidates)
UK European Union Party (2 Candidates)
UKIP (10 Candidates)
Independent – Jason McMahon
Independent – David Round
Independent – Michael Jeffrey Turberville

We each had one vote.
European Elections
10 MEPs will be elected to represent the South East of the UK. MEPs are elected by proportional representation. The number of MEPs each party gets is calculated using a formula called d’Hondt after the Belgian mathematician Victor d’Hondt, who dreamed up the formula in 1878, long before the days of computers. According to Wikpedia….
After all the votes have been tallied, successive quotients are calculated for each party. The party with the largest quotient wins one seat, and its quotient is recalculated. This is repeated until the required number of seats is filled. The formula for the quotient 

quotient = V / (S + 1)

V is the total number of votes that party received, and
s is the number of seats that party has been allocated so far, initially 0 for all parties. 
European Elections
European elections do not usually enthuse people as much as national elections but on this occasion they are being treated by some people as a protest vote. In the UK there are two new parties. The Brexit Party has been created to allow people who voted Leave to show their discontent with parliament’s handling of Brexit. Change UK has been created by people in parliament to challenge the referendum result.

The UK should still leave the European Union (EU) on 31st October 2019. If the UK and EU ratify the withdrawal agreement before then, it would be earlier. So these elected MEPs could be in post for a very short time. But parliament has not managed to agree the withdrawal yet so it could be longer.
European Elections
Polling has finished and we will know the results on Sunday.

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New Abingdon hairdresser

Dementia Action Week
A new hairdresser Dawsons Hair and Beauty Lounge has opened in the premises at the corner of Spring Road and Edward Street, previously used by Abingdon Beds. Abingdon Beds are now on Marcham Road near Majestic Wine.
Dementia Action Week
Inside there is a display of old photographs, including one showing the building in the 1970s when it housed Knights Chapel Works – where garden ornaments and other stone items were made and for sale. In the 19th century the building was a Primitive Methodist Chapel.

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Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week
There is a lot on this week in Abingdon for Dementia Action Week. The full list is I went into the Roysse Room on Monday where there were a number of interesting stalls. Omni have a motion activated projector which allows people to interact with lots of different images and games. It can be used in care and educational settings.Dementia Action Week
The Alzheimer’s Society had a stall telling of their support and research.
Dementia Action Week
Today I attended a very interesting Dementia Awareness session at 35 Ock Street. We learned more about what it is like to live with dementia and looked at ways to turn that understanding into action, recognising there is more to a person than the dementia. See Dementia Friends to find out more.

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