A Walk round South Abingdon

The South Abingdon Children’s Centre should be up and running fairly soon with baby clinics and other useful groups organised by the new charity Carousel.

During the life of this blog the Reynolds Way wall has been decorated on a two occasions with murals but nobody has had a go at a face lift for the Reynolds Way shops. Such a project probably depends on who is the landlord but it would be so nice to see some of the Abingdon in Bloom displays adding a new dimension to this view

Work continues on the former Saxton Arms. New windows with dark frames have been added at the front, and flats added at the back.

The grass looks parched alongside the black surrounds to some of the play equipment at Caldecott Recreation Ground.

Canada Geese are doing very well. According to the RSPB there are four times more of them than fifty years ago. They will eat grass and aquatic plants but also gather for meals of chips and bread, and leave large quantities of poo all over the place. They are not unattractive birds but do seem to be taking over from native species.

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A Gift for Teacher

Abingdon Teachers
At Oxfam in Abingdon there is a table of gifts and cards for teachers.

Teachers would probably prefer good work during term time – and possibly a hand drawn picture, or a a poem as a a gift.

Failing that you could buy a gift.
Abingdon Teachers
At Mostly Books in Abingdon they have mugs including one that says ‘Go away I’m marking‘ that could be very useful to any teacher.

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New Stone Walls in Abingdon

New Walls
A stone wall on Bath Street has been rebuilt in a set back position after the completion of the sixth form extension at Abingdon School.
New Walls
The Nags Head has also got a new stone wharf wall where an old willow trunk caused damage to the previous river bank.
New Walls
That work was done by Greenford Ltd who are also making a new stone wall along the river boundary of Coseners House.

We like our stone walls here in Abingdon.

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Trinity Learning Award

Trinity Learning
TrinityLearning, the outreach project of Trinity Church in Abingdon which works to help quality of life in local schools, was one of four finalists to win the United Reformed Church (URC)’s Community Projects Award 2018. They were awarded with an brass plaque and cheque for £2000 at The URC General Assembly in Nottingham.

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Swan Upping Preview

On Friday 20th July 2018 the Royal Swan Upping will be coming to Abingdon.

Their approximate schedule is
Moulsford 09.00 – Departure point
Benson Lock 10.15
Clifton Hampden Bridge 13.00
Culham Lock 16.15
Abingdon Bridge 17.00

You could arrive at Abingdon Bridge at 17:00 and find that they have come and gone an hour before, or that there is another ninety minutes to wait. It all depends on conditions and how many swans they find. We really need somebody using social media at Culham Lock to warn us they are coming.
Swan Upping
The Abbey Mill Stream area swans have 2 cygnets and are beyond the bridge and so will probably not get ringed.
Swan Upping
The Abingdon Marina area swans have seven cygnets and so could well be caught by the swan uppers and get ringed.

“Swan Upping plays an important role in the conservation of the mute swan and involves The Queen’s Swan Warden collecting data, assessing the health of young cygnets and examining them for any injuries. “

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