Ock Ness Monster

February 10, 2020

Ock Ness Monster
Chris sent me this photo. He said …

On 1st Feb me and the family were walking home from the town centre at lunchtime, along the road next to the River Ock.

A guy was there fishing, and just as we were passing he hooked a huge fish and was struggling to get it in his net.

I helped hold the rod and he managed to land the fish. He asked me to take a picture of him holding his catch with his phone, but its battery was dead, so I offered to take the picture on my phone of this giant pike he was so pleased to have caught!

I gave him one of my work business cards I had in my wallet so he could email me and I could send him back the pictures.

But maybe he lost my card because he never got in touch…

Maybe you could post this on the blog as I’d love to be able to send him the pictures. He was so proud to have caught this Ock ness monster, and said he had been after this one for a while!

Thought maybe a blog reader might know who this is and put us in touch?

You can email me at backstreet60@gmail.com and I can forward any responses to Chris.
Ock Ness Monster
Paul Gustafson, who lives and is well known in Abingdon, wrote a book on this very subject. It goes into detail how you can develop techniques that will catch bigger pike when fishing any location. He describes how to locate the biggest fish in a fishery, the best way of catching it, and how to apply various clever techniques and the most effective tackle to achieve greater success.

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