Demolished chimney, fallen trees, rain showers, and rainbow

February 9, 2020

Storm Ciara was blowing today. There was a loud bang early on. Our first thought was that something had come crashing down from the roof.
Demolished Chimney in Didcot
But the bang was caused by Didcot ‘A’ Power Station chimney being demolished. The view down the River Thames from Abingdon has changed as a result.
Fallen Trees
The wind brought down some trees and branches. One tree had fallen between Trinity Church and the Abingdon School sports grounds. Fortunately the wind was from the South West and the tree fell onto open ground. Another tree on Bostock Road fell not onto cars or across the road but along the footpath and grass verge.
Fallen Trees
There was a tree and lots of branches down in the Albert Park.
Fallen Trees
A tree had come down over the River Ock along the Ock Valley Path.
Fallen Trees
A poplar in the Abbey Meadow had shattered.
Fallen Trees
A tree over the other side of the River Thames was split apart.
There was also a very heavy rain shower during the afternoon that lasted a few minutes before easing off.
Fallen Trees
That was followed by sunshine and a Rainbow (seen here over Abingdon Vale Cricket Club ground).

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  • 1. Peter Del  |  February 10, 2020 at 4:21 pm

    An excellent record Alastair, the wind kept me up most of the night!

  • 2. Guy  |  February 10, 2020 at 11:56 pm

    Peter, have you tried Wind-Eze?

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