September 1918 – one hundred years ago

September 12, 2018

Taken from the Faringdon Advertiser and Vale of the White Horse Gazette. © Successor rightsholder unknown. All Rights Reserved.
14th September 1918

Mr Walter Barnett, of Back Street, Abingdon, has again been a successful exhibitor of rabbits at the Stockinford Show, Nuneaton.

Pte. C. J. S. Dixon, 20, Grenadier Guards, youngest son of Mr Dixon, West St. Helen’s Street, Abingdon, is reported to have been killed in action in France, August 25th. He was formerly employed at the Abingdon Post Office

Mrs Lee, of the Bridge, Abingdon, has received through the War Office, notification that her husband, Pte. Fred James Lee, 4th Royal Berks, who was wounded in the legs and a prisoner of war in Germany, died on July 5th at the War Hospital Barrack, Alexandrinan, Berlin, and was buried the Military Churchyard, Hasenheide. Deceased was for many years employed at the Abingdon Carpet Factory. Mrs Lee lost her only son few months ago, who was killed in action in France.

Sapper A. W. Gawler, K.E., son of Mrs Gawler, Bath Street, was mentioned in Sir Stanley Maude’s latest dispatch for distinguished services in Mesopotamia. Before joining up he was employed at Mr J. Rickett’s, Abingdon, a carpenter.

21st September 1918

Pte. Donald Cullen, 20, London Scottish Regt., youngest son of Mr Edwin Cullen, East St. Helens, Abingdon, is reported as having been killed in action on August 23rd. He was an old Roysse Schoolboy, and on the outbreak of war served for a year voluntarily in the Y M.C.A.. He enlisted at the age of 17, and was sent to France last May.

The Abingdon Corporation workers have this week been on strike. It appears that eleven workmen gave a week’s notice to strike unless they got an increase of 75 per cent, on pre war wages. This the Town Council refused, and the men therefore left, most of them, it seems, taking up work at the Milton Military Depot. The strikers included the foreman, scavengers, waterworks engineer, and men employed at the pumping station. The work this week has been carried by the workmen of local plumbers.

On Tuesday afternoon, a motor lorry, to which was attached one of the large canvas-constructed vehicles for carrying aeroplane parts, was proceeding over the Abingdon River Bridge, when the boisterous wind overturned it into the river, knocking down a portion of the parapet of the bridge. The wreckage was soon removed and the river navigation was very little interfered with.

28th September 1918

Sapper W. D. Souverier, son of Mr E. S Souverier, of St. John’s Road, Abingdon, is in Hospital in France through being gassed.

Pte. Tom Pratt, Somerset Regt., son of Mrs T. Pratt, Vineyard, Abingdon, is also in hospital through being gassed on Sept. 9th

Pte, A. G. Crook, Duke of Wellington West Riding Regt, formerly of the Royal Berks, eldest son of Mr Crook, West St Helens, is reported wounded.

The second surviving son of the late Major-General Bailie, Caldecott House, Abingdon, Mr Sholte Bailie, who has just passed ‘ his Military training at Sandhurst College, had been asked to join the Irish Guards, in memory of his brother, who was killed in action at Givenchy

Mr J Horsley, of 7, Lombard Street Abingdon, picked up a despatch case lying open on the road, containing neatly £300 in Treasury notes and silver. He took it to the Police Station at Abingdon, where information of the loss had been given. It appears that the money was lost by a grocer’s traveller from Reading, who had insecurely fastened the case to his motor cycle.

The Mayor of Abingdon on Wednesday evening in last week presided over a public.meeting at the Roysse Room in connection with the call for women to join Queen Mary’s Auxiliary Corps.

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