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Have Abingdon Public Conveniences had their day?

In November, the Vale of White Horse District Council asked people to respond to a survey of what services are important to them.

137 people responded.
20 people (15%) thought public toilets an important public service.
There were lots of other services but for comparison …
36 people (26%) thought council car parks an important public service.

As a result it appears from last weeks Abingdon Herald that council officers have suggested that the council could save money, by closing the public conveniences.
Abingdon Public Conveniences
The superloo in the car park near West St Helen’s Street has already been decommissioned and is waiting to be taken away. It was probably the least used.
Abingdon Public Conveniences
The superloos near the cricket club could follow.
Abingdon Public Conveniences
As could the normal loo near the Abbey Meadows
Abingdon Public Conveniences
And that at the Charter.

Another question in the survey asked which services are in most need of future investment.
37 (27%) said public toilets.
24 (18%) said Car Parks.

Approximately £40,000 a year can be saved by closing the remaining three public conveniences in Abingdon,

Have Abingdon Public Conveniences had their day?

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