Community Shop Reopens

September 3, 2011

Community Shop
The community shop has reopened for a new run.  For the first week there are exhibitions by The MG Car Club, Friends of Abingdon, and Abingdon Archaelogical and Historical Society. They will run until Heritage Weekend, which begins on Saturday 10th September, and then another community group or groups will take over – just like it used to be.
Community Shop
The shop has moved back to where Adams used to be. The other temporary community shop, over the other side of Bury Street, still has the consultation window display about changes to Abingdon town centre. There will be an extra open day on Saturday 10 September from 10:00am – 3:00pm to air your views on that. So that day will be a chance to see the town’s heritage and influence its future – future grows out of the past.
Community Shop
I was handing out heritage leaflets today, outside the shop, and met up with fellow Abingdon bloggers … Can I Walk Mummy? and Read it Daddy .

By the way if you haven’t seen the heritage leaflet, there are lots in the community shop, and it can be viewed here.

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