Talking Maps and The Big Fix

February 15, 2020

Two upcoming events that may be of interest are Talking Maps and The Big Fix
Talking Maps
Upstairs in Abingdon Library, there is a showcase, and board, displaying old maps of Abingdon. One of the maps has all the buildings coloured a pretty pink.
Talking Maps
Next Thursday the Oxfordshire History Centre and the Bodleian Library will be showcasing maps from their archives.

Talking Maps is a celebration of maps and what they tell us about the places they depict and the people that make and use them.
Talking Maps
The Big Fix 2020, repair cafe, is before then, this Saturday.
Talking Maps
You will find it in one of the Northcott barns. (This map is from a book of Berkshire by John Rocque and from 1761- the year of the Coronation of King George III and Abingdon’s first recorded bun throwing.)

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