Poppy Display at St Nicolas Church, Abingdon

November 6, 2019

Poppy Display at St Nicolas Church, Abingdon
A tree decorated with poppies, representing all the fallen of Abingdon, is now on display in St Nicolas’ Church.

Created by the Mason’s Knitting and Crocheting Circle, the poppies will be on display for the next few weeks as the town and nation remember those who gave their lives.
Poppy Display at St Nicolas Church, Abingdon
‘This is the second year that Mason’s Knitting and Crocheting Circle have created this wonderful tribute,’ said Church Warden Andrew Coker.

‘Last year we commemorated the centenary of the Great War’s armistice, and the group said they wanted to continue their work. St Nicolas displays the poppies for a few weeks and then The Royal British Legion collect them and make brooches for sale the following year.  Each poppy is unique and handmade.  It is a wonderful, beneficial circular effort.  The Mason’s group support each other through conversation and personal help, knitting and crocheting poppies as they talk, then local people visit St Nicolas and reflect on the sacrifice and the Royal British Legion fundraise in the year to come for our servicemen and women’s support.’

Cards for Good Causes are in St Nicolas, Market Square, Abingdon 10.00- 4.30 Monday to Saturday. So everyone is welcome to browse the cards and see the poppy display and reflect in their own way.

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  • 1. Julian Annells  |  November 7, 2019 at 7:12 am

    What has happened to the Remembrance silhouettes this year? Are they not being displayed?

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