Art-beat 2019 at John Mason

June 16, 2019

Art-beat 2019
From 13th to 18th June there has been an exhibition of art work by GCSE and ‘A’ Level Art Students at John Mason School.
Art-beat 2019
There were several rooms full of artwork like the one above. It was amazing to see so much creativity all together. Very colourful and interesting. So many talented people at one school! It seems such a huge advance on what we did at school in my day.
Art-beat 2019
On Saturday Morning the exhibition was very popular with lots of friends and relatives looking at their student’s art work. There was also people like myself who saw the banner in front of the school and went in.
Art-beat 2019
Work included some fantastic dress creations and a portrait of Churchill.

There is still a chance to visit from 3.30-4.30 pm Monday and Tuesday. You need to bring a photo ID and report to reception.

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