Abingdon Michaelmas Fair Set Up and Blessing

October 7, 2018

Abingdon Fair
Yesterday it was raining and there was a line of traffic along Ock Street.
Abingdon Fair
This morning the line of traffic was replaced by the stalls and rides of Abingdon Michaelmas Fair – the longest street fair in Europe.
Abingdon Fair
Local people enjoy strolling the route, from the Market Place to the junction with Drayton Road, to watch the fair being set up .
Abingdon Fair
The Michaelmas Fair coincides with the time when the trees of the Market Place turn deep red.

Old Michaelmas Day falls on 11 October and so the fair is the Monday and Tuesday before Old Michalemas Day.
Abingdon Fair
After everything had been set up, and swept, and checked there was a time of rest, then at 8pm, in the evening, came the Fair Service.

The Mayor of Abingdon and Town Councillors processed to the Galloping Horses, and the Mayor thanked everybody involved in making the fair happen.

Ed Evans, from Abingdon Community Church, led the blessing of the fair which included three hymns, led by Abingdon Town Band, and some prayers.
Abingdon Fair
After that councillors, and anybody who attended the service, were given a free ride on the Galloping Horses.

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