Football and Cricket together in Abingdon on a sunny 4th August

August 4, 2018

Football and Cricket
The Football Season began today at Abingdon Town Football Club. They played Woodley United in the Hellenic League Division One.

Abingdon are under new management and have brought in some exciting new signings.

Things did not start well. We got to the game a few minutes late, and in the time it took us to walk round the ground, and take our seats, Woodley United scored three times to make it 3-0. Their big number 9 burst through the Abingdon defence twice to score 2 of them. The other was a headed own goal.
Football and Cricket
However, going forward Abingdon Town looked very exciting, and within minutes they got one back and scored a penalty (pictured above). By half time it was 3-3.
Football and Cricket
At half time the reserves came out for a kick-about, as did a lot of youngsters from the youth club programme. We did not have to pay to get in but there was a bucket for contributions to the youth programme.

The second half saw three more excellent Abingdon Town goals. Woodley’s big number 9 also scored and hit the post. So it ended 6-4 to Abingdon.

My better half brought a book to read but only read one sentence. She enjoyed the game, and was shouting for Abingdon Town as she did for England not so long ago – during the World Cup. But she did hope the referee would show a red card to players for bad swearing.
Football and Cricket
Next door at Hales Meadow, Abingdon Vale Cricket Club also put in a good performance.
Football and Cricket
They beat Long Marston by 130 runs to 127.

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  • 1. Geoff Bailey  |  August 5, 2018 at 7:49 am

    Looks like the Town might be worth watching this Season.

  • 2. Chris John  |  August 5, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    Sounds like both teams need to work on their defence

  • 3. newcomer  |  August 6, 2018 at 6:03 am

    These look like photos of adults playing the traditional kids game of ‘Statues’. If this ever becomes an Olympic sport I reckon we’ve got a few potential champions competing in the town.

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