4th South Abingdon Play & Activity Day

July 21, 2018

South Abingdon Play & Activity Day
The 4th annual Oxford Play Association Play & Activity Day was held in Southern Town Park in Abingdon today. In the foreground is the Vineyard Church stall who have been actively promoting young people’s activities in South Abingdon since helping set up the youth club nearly ten years ago. It is still going strong.
South Abingdon Play & Activity Day
The activity day saw drumming, sumo wrestling, zorbo balls, climbing walls, go-karting and lots more.
South Abingdon Play & Activity Day
Among the dozen or so stalls were Inspiring Minds, a community based learning project in South Abingdon, who create educational courses in Maths, English, computing, and cooking, and will soon be setting up a first aid course.
South Abingdon Play & Activity Day
Oxfordshire Libraries were also there with their summer reading project. There is not just one for the children but also one for adults. More of that anon.

The day was sunny, and well attended, and looked good fun. Thanks must go to everybody who made it happen. Apologies that I forgot to use the publicity they sent me. But I did see it promoted at school and on social media.

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