St Helen’s – Open for Visitors and for Prayer

April 16, 2018

St Helens
St Helen’s Church was open for visitors and for prayer on Saturday afternoon. I don’t think is has been open much during the winter months. I went in to have a look round.
St Helens
I got talking to the two ladies looking after the building. One told me that she lives in the almshouses and on Feb 18th felt everything shudder. She went outside expecting to see smoke or some sign of an explosion. There was nothing. Later she gathered from the news there had been an earthquake in Wales. My wife had a similar experience and she was in Bury Street.
St Helens
She also told me how her daughter came from Alaska. She had kept a £10 note to pay for the bus, but the bus driver would not take it as it was no longer legal tender. He said she could pay with her credit card instead but her card was not contact less.
St Helens
Then a young lady from the queue came and paid for her, the £3.90 to get to Abingdon.  She said she was a Muslim and would not take anything in return. It was her belief that you helped people you see in trouble.

P.S Apologies for only just getting round to approving about half a dozen comments some a few days old.

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  • 1. John Evans  |  April 19, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Ladies, not ‘lady’s’. Those apostrophes get everywhere!

  • 2. backstreet60  |  April 21, 2018 at 9:23 am

    oops. My English teacher, Mr Hopkins, told me off for Apostrophyitis. Looks like the condition continues into my dotage.

    I have made the correction.

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