Half Term at Abingdon Museum

February 11, 2018

Half Term
Half term is here again, and Abingdon County Hall museum has a craft workshop on Tuesday for children to explore the world of monsters and myths; and create masks, silhouettes and clay ‘Green Man’ models.
Half Term
The museum and Unicorn cinema will be good places to go if it is raining. The Unicorn is showing Coco, Early Man, and The Post.
Half Term
This dinasaur was created at a previous workshop. Each of the scales is a child’s work of art.
Half Term
The Friends of Abingdon Museum purchased a work of art, in 2017, for the museum showing ‘Early Spring near Abingdon’ by Davidson Knowles, a late Victorian artist. This detail from the fuller picture shows a River View and what could be Nags Head Island and Abingdon Bridge. There could have been some artistic license as I cannot see the Old Gaol.

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  • 1. pat  |  February 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Backstreeter, I think the Abingdon Museum Friends have their title in that order so as not to be confused with the Friends of Abingdon civic society.

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