Boxing Day Traditions on Abingdon Market Place

December 28, 2017

Boxing Day Traditions
On Boxing Day, in days gone by, the Old Berks Hunt would sometimes meet on the Market Place in Abingdon. Nowadays the horses have been replaced by MG Cars, and the ride is around the lanes of Oxfordshire, not Berkshire, to give the cars a winter run.
Boxing Day Traditions
Before the off there is a chance to look under the covers of the MGs. Combustion engines may have replaced horses but their mechanical power is still measured in horse power.
Boxing Day Traditions
The chrome and paintwork need a good polish, as did the horse brasses.
Boxing Day Traditions
Before the off there is the chance for people to chat about the idiosyncrasies of their rides, and to have a warming drink from one of the coffee houses that do so well in Abingdon, round the Market Place.
Boxing Day Traditions
Youngsters may recall, in years to come, seeing the Old Boxing Day MG gathering on the Market Place.
Boxing Day Traditions
Unlike the Old Berks Hunt, where the horses and hounds left in a pack, the MGs leave in ones and twos to follow the Boxing Day route. In 2017 it ended at The Black Horse at Gozzards Ford.

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  • 1. Martin Gulliver  |  December 29, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    We’ve been to this the last two years – great fun! The cars are immaculate and the owners so keen to chat about them. The coffee shops are open too and do a roaring trade. A great morning – and so lucky with the weather!

  • 2. rudi  |  December 30, 2017 at 9:04 am

    on balance i’ll take the cars over the sociopaths anyday. what goes on in the minds of the people who kill for fun at the point of death?

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