Fun in the Park 2017

June 3, 2017

Fun in the Park
A lovely day for the annual Fun in the Park, and the Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, Jan Morter was to be seen going round talking to all the different groups taking part.
Fun in the Park
The Green Gym have a full programme of work this coming summer including a number of sessions battling Himalayan Balsam. They will even be joined by the Sonning Common Green Gym to tackle the Himalayan Balsam on the Ock Path – Tesco end – on June 24th. It was rife last year, and could take over Abingdon if left unchecked.
Fun in the Park
Abingdon Scottish Country Dancers were first up on the big stage – used by both Fun in the Park, and Music in the Park later. There is a very quick turn-around between the two events.
Fun in the Park
There were six or seven different army regiments represented with different stalls. 7 Rifles is a Rifles’ Reserve Infantry Battalion, based at the Edward Brooks Barracks in Abingdon. The Rifles were formed in 2007, partly from the Royal Berkshire Regiment – who had a long assocation with Abingdon, and were allowed the Freedom of Abingdon.
Fun in the Park
On the Mind Stall, people were being encouraged to lift gym weights, and their household equivalents in weight. It is part of the Southey Way, a fitness programme that helps you build a strong body and mind #LiftYourMind.
Fun in the Park
There were a number of gazebos strung together where the Church in Abingdon had art and craft, face painting, refreshments, and a prayer space.
Fun in the Park
A dog on a tricycle amazed people with his witticisms on the way in and out of the event.

The event is organised by Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, and there was a lot more on offer than featured here.

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  • 1. Hester  |  June 3, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    I called in briefly and watched the Oxfordshire Youth Big Band – they were stunning: quite apart from the quality of the music, the presentation was fantastic – they were so mature and confident and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well done them – and I imagine they are probably all in the middle of exam season so good luck to them with all of that.
    And congratulations to the Town Council too for what seemed as always to be an excellently-run event – they even seem to be able to organise good weather every year.

  • 2. Oh dear.  |  June 7, 2017 at 10:35 am

    The Town Council organising something eh! Who’d have thunk it!
    Well done everyone. I agree the OYBB were brilliant. They performed a great set at the Abingdon Jazz Festival a few weeks earlier too.

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