Reading Festival at Our Lady’s Abingdon

September 23, 2015

Reading Festival at Our Ladys Abingdon
Vince Cable was at Our Lady’s Abingdon, as part of the school’s annual Reading Festival, to talk about his new book.

He said that the last five years in government, as Business Secretary, has been some of the most challenging he had ever experienced. Reading novels during those times helped keep him sane, and he was a great advocate of reading, and bookshops.

Vince came to talk about his new book “After the Storm”, a major update on his earlier book “The Storm”.
Reading Festival at Our Ladys Abingdon
He said that sometimes one had to resort to metaphors to explain complicated matters, and a better metaphor for the storm that engulfed us all in 2008, with the near banking collapse, might have been “Heart Attack”. In 2015 the patient is still on life support, with historically low interest rates, and nobody dares take it off.

After talking through the key points in his book, he took questions, and explained economics in a way we could all understand – a very absorbing and interesting evening.

The Principal of Our Lady’s, Mr Stephen Oliver, introduced the evening and thanked Vince Cable at the end.
Reading Festival at Our Ladys Abingdon
Mark from Mostly Books fielded questions, and Nikki from Mostly Books was on hand with a wonderful display of “After the Storm” books that people could buy and have signed afterwards.

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