1st Annual Abingdon Beer Festival at the Kings Head and Bell

August 29, 2010

Abingdon Beer Festival
This is what the courtyard of the Kings Head and Bell looked like a year ago (picture by Carl) …
Abingdon Beer Festival
The landlord of the Kings Head and Bell is seen here one year later with the Chairman of the Vale at the opening of the first Annual Beer Festival.
Abingdon Beer Festival
Lots of different local beers were on offer. Steve Green on his blog (Abingdon Beer) will have far more detail. He was working his way through the twenty or so beers on offer last time I saw – showing great dedication to his blog.
Abingdon Beer Festival
This afternoon the morris men were performing at the festival. Weather has been good, apart from a sudden downpour at 2:30pm – the time they were meant to start. So they started late and carried on most of the afternoon.
Abingdon Beer Festival
It gave their bagman the chance to get aquainted with quite a few young ladies. He picks them out of the crowd to be danced round.

(They will be dancing next on Saturday 11th September on Abingdon Market Place for Heritage Day. The Kings Head and Bell will also open up the King Charles room on Heritage Day.)

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