Five Years of Trinity Learning

November 25, 2014

This evening at Trinity Church there was a look back at Trinity Learning – a project with the aim of finding ways in which the church can use its time, talents and space to enhance the quality of life those working in local schools – both students and staff.
Five Years of Trinity Learning
One of the more visible results of this has been the ‘Hello Abingdon’ community magazines produced by children from local schools for the last 5 years. The Oxford Health NHS trust magazine ‘Insight’ recently featured some of the reporters from Thameside School who came to report on Abingdon Community Hospital.

Trinity Learning recognises the pressure schools are under and seeks to provide a place of calm and reflection for students and teachers with projects such as Experience Easter and Prayer Spaces.

They also give work experience to students, help boost students’ confidence in planning and producing assemblies, help with the R.E curriculum, and have produced a lot of resources that can be used in and beyond Abingdon.

To find out more visit Trinity Learning.

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