Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day – Part 2

March 30, 2014

Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day
Abingdon Drama Club, in their 70th anniversary year, were delighted to be presented with a package  of press cuttings and programmes from a predecessor, The Guild of Abbey Players – including a front page Oxford Journal Illustrated feature on Drama in Abingdon from 1917.
Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day
The Ox and Bucks Woodcarvers are also looking back to those years a century ago and are about to embark on a new carving with five tableau representing scenes from WWI. They were asking people to vote for the scenes they wanted on the tableau.
Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day
Helen Eccleston  of Abingdon Music Centre is back as director after having a baby. Another teacher is now conducting the Community Orchestra. So I guess Helen will be doing a lot, but not quite so much as before.
Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day
The Friends of Abbey Meadows Outdoor Pool know the pool is oversubscribed in hot weather and under used when the temperature plummets. They want to get better attendance when the weather is not so enticing by asking that water is kept a comfortable 22deg C, that the pool and surrounds are kept tidy, and by publicising that swimming is free to under 16s.
Abingdon Clubs and Societies Day
The Friends of Radley Lakes were recently presented with an award for their work in protecting the environment. They first fought to save the lakes and now work with the Earth Trust to manage Thrupp Lake.

Part 3 to follow.

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