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New Bus Shelters near Morland Gardens

New Bus Shelters
From Scott …
“Can I draw your attention to some idiocy by Oxfordshire County Council. They have put a bus shelter on the cycle path / pedestrian walkway just past the Morland Garden developments going out of Abingdon. This is very dangerous in my opinion. It forces bikes back onto the road, something the cycle path was put there to stop.”
New Bus Shelters
From Philip …
“… From the people responsible for this infrastructure there seems to be no understanding that an inadequate cycle path is often worse than none at all. When cyclepaths make a route unsafe the obvious response is to use the road. However this often results in ‘punishment passes’. I’ve been the target of aggressive driving on several occasions when choosing to avoid this cycle path …”
New Bus Shelters
A shelter has also been added on the field side where there is room. I remember a few years ago that a bus shelter + seats were not allowed by the Foyer (opposite the war memorial) because there was not enough space.

22 Comments September 8, 2017

Trouble on the A34 after the A4183

Trouble on the A34
We travelled back to Abingdon today, after a two week holiday in Ireland (6 posts in the Not Abingdon Blog show some of our time there).

The journey from the ferry at Hollyhead went very well, but on reaching the M40 warnings appeared of delays on the A34 after the A4183. I wondered if we could avoid the trouble by turning off beforehand, It took me a while to realise the A4183 was the Abingdon turn off. A broken down vehicle was blocking the A34 afterwards.

18 Comments August 9, 2016

A34 emergency carriageway repairs

A34 emergency
On BBC Radio Oxford there were reports that part of the A34 northbound between Milton and Marcham interchanges had been closed for emergency carriageway repairs, and that was causing delays of over an hour with traffic queued back to Chilton. It also brought a lot of A34 traffic through Abingdon on the Drayton Road.

Some of the traffic tried to come via St Helens Wharf.

12 Comments March 4, 2016

Drayton Road building work restarted in earnest

Drayton Road building
Anne says “Taylor Wimpey have restarted building in earnest after the failure of the final challenge. This time it was Goliath and not the David of local democracy that won, alas.
Drayton Road building
Traffic out of South Abingdon was fairly slow this morning as most people headed towards Tesco, the trading estate, and the A34. It tailed back nearly as far as the new development.
Drayton Road building
The new pedestrian lights put in, at the expense of the developers, to marginally improve the traffic flow out of the Drayton Road by holding back traffic on Ock Street, have been operating for some weeks now. So it would be interesting to know if they have had the desired effect.

26 Comments December 5, 2015

Traffic Mitigation will be successful if Traffic is no worse than before

Two pedestrian crossings are replacing one crossing here in Abingdon. A developer came up with the scheme, and a planning inspector gave it the thumbs up, and so now it is nearly built.
2nd crossing
The 2nd replacement pedestrian crossing, at the top of Ock Street, has caused a lot of traffic problems while being built. And has made it more difficult for pedestrians to cross the roads.
2nd crossing
It also caused a lot of controversy before being built. It is being put in place to allow 158 dwellings to be built on Drayton Road, and should ensure traffic problems are no worse, after the additional housing, than they were before.
2nd crossing
Local people wanted no more developments in South Abingdon without better infrastructure. Local people argued that the development was in the wrong place but that did not sway the planning inspector.

24 Comments September 16, 2015

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