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Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Abingdon

Primary Care Networks
Healthy Abingdon invited people interested in our local health services to a presentation and discussion on Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in Abingdon.

Primary Care Networks were set up in July 2019, after six months of planning. They group GP practises into larger units covering between 30 – 50,000 people. Abingdon is split into two PCNs. One covers The Abingdon Surgery and Malthouse Surgery, in the town centre, with 33,657 people. The other covers Marcham Road Health Centre and Long Furlong Health Centres in Abingdon, Berinsfield Health Centre and Clifton Hampden Surgery with 30,043 people.

PCNs will allow closer coordination between GP practises to allow things like better extended hours cover. They will also get more funding for extra specialist services in the area. One such service that has already been set up is Social Prescribing. More services with funding will follow.

Social Prescribing is something GPs have always done. It is referring people to activities in the community, possibly college courses, possibly for help from voluntary groups (The Abingdon Bridge – counselling, and Health Walks Abingdon are examples). Treatment from the NHS is not the only answer.

Having a specialist Social Prescriber allows GPs to do this more effectively. Emma and Emma, the two ladies who job share the role, told us something of what they did and how they help people. There followed an interesting round table discussion about what people in Abingdon would like out of social prescribing.

About forty people attended the meeting at the Conduit Centre, at Trinity Church, in Abingdon.

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Flatulent Cows v Pleasure Boating on The Thames

Flatulent Cows v Pleasure Boating on The Thames
Looking at one Abingdon shop window earlier today, I saw some talks on offer. The Abingdon Carbon Cutters have a talk, on Wed 20th Nov 2019 – by Chris Church of Friends of the Earth, on Local Climate Action Now!
Flatulent Cows v Pleasure Boating on The Thames
The Cow has been blamed for damaging the planet by breaking wind, but Neil Rowe will be speaking on behalf of the Cow. You will have to go to the Atom Society talk to hear the Cow on Thu 21st Nov 2019. This follows a short AGM.
Flatulent Cows v Pleasure Boating on The Thames
More than three men in a boat is another talk the same evening – charting The rise and fall of pleasure boating on the Thames.

If none of these events are of interest then look on the Town Portal at to see whether there is anything else in Abingdon of interest.

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On Dry Land in Abingdon this Saturday

On Dry Land
In St Helen’s Church centre the Friend’s of Abingdon Community Hospital held their AGM and raffle draw. The big prize was a Miele Vacuum cleaner. There were lots of other prizes. Wyn, seated nearest the camera, was delighted to be taking back a prize to a neighbour to whom she sold the ticket.
On Dry Land
In St Ethelwold’s House the Abbey Artists have an exhibition this weekend. I got talking to Dougie Simpson who does those lovely pictures of Abingdon that are sketched painting with outlines in pen and ink.
On Dry Land
On the Market Place the Kennington Memory Club had a stall. The Alzheimer’s Club in Abingdon closed down, and Kennington have taken over running a day centre with activities.
On Dry Land
Ian, of the Oxford Waits, was busking in Bury Street. The Oxford Waits had a successful sell-out concert at the Unicorn Theatre last night. I am told there was a great atmosphere. I got there with ten minutes to spare. The man at the door said to the couple ahead of me ‘You are lucky. Two tickets left.‘ Then told me, ‘Sorry! Sold out.

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BBC Children in Need and Gavin & Stacey

Mayor's Plastic Reception
During the last week the car park attendant at Coxeter House, Abingdon, has been raising funds for BBC Children in Need .
Mayor's Plastic Reception
Christmas Lights were also being put up in Abingdon.
Mayor's Plastic Reception
The lights will be turned on at the  Christmas Extravaganza on Saturday 30th November.

Joanna Page, who played Stacey in the TV Series Gavin & Stacey, will turn the lights on.

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Mayor’s Plastic Free Reception

Mayor's Plastic Reception
At the Roysse Room this evening there was a reception given by the Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames for some of the people who have helped Abingdon on the way to becoming a Plastic Free town. This included businesses who can display the Plastic Free Champions Logo.

The council had also done their part as had the Abingdon Cuts Plastic group.
Mayor's Plastic Reception
There were are also schools. Young people have taken a lead in trying to save the planet.
Mayor's Plastic Reception
Displays at the reception included the winning entries in the Schools Anti-Litter Poster Competition.
Mayor's Plastic Reception
Anne Smart did a presentation about what had been done so far and what still needs to happen, and The Mayor of Abingdon – Cllr Charlie Birks gave a speech thanking everybody who had made their own effort to cut down on single use plastic so we don’t produce the waste in the first place.

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