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Announcing Anniversary Films + Clubs and Societies Day

The Abbey Cinema will be celebrating some film anniversaries, alongside the usual film programme.

Alien’s 40th Anniversary is on Friday 22nd March.
The Great Escape’s 75th Anniversary is on Sunday 24th March.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s 40th Anniversary is on Thursday 18th April .

Saturday 16th March 2019 will see the return to the Guldhall of the Abingdon’s Clubs’ & Societies’ Day. This is where many of our clubs and societies have a display of what they do. It is a very good way to find what is happening in Abingdon – like a Freshers’ Fair.
The last Clubs’ & Societies’ Day was in 2016 in the Abbey Buildings.
Before that it was in the Guildhall every two years since Cllr Janet Morgan instituted the event when she was Mayor in 1989.

The event will be in the refurbished rooms in the old part of the Guildhall. The new management team, which operates both the Guildhall and the Abbey Cinema, will be on hand to welcome visitors, show them the new facilities and answer enquiries.

Bookings are now live for residents who wish to book events at the Guildhall and there is a new website at and enquiry line 01235 524085.

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14th April – Three or more reasons to be in Abingdon

I am hoping the weather on Sunday 14th April will be good. It will be a big day in Abingdon, and so a good day to visit the town for anybody needing an excuse.
3 good reasons to be in Abingdon
360 boats from across the UK will race  against the clock  on the River Thames in the annual Head of the River event organised by Abingdon Rowing Club. The majority of club members and many of their family members volunteer a huge amount of time before, during and after the event to plan, set up, supervise and clear up.
3 good reasons to be in Abingdon
The Upper Thames Patrol (the water-borne Home Guard in WW2) will be at Abingdon Lock for The Thames at War re-enactment event. There was a display at the Community Free Space last weekend.
3 good reasons to be in Abingdon
The Abingdon Cycle Festival is also on that day.

It will also be Palm Sunday.

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Stay Safe from Fraud, Theft and Dementia

Stay Safe
There are a number of groups run by churches in Abingdon for people fifty years and over. PCSO Allison Blood was at one of them yesterday giving a talk. She was at Back to 35,  a group for the over-50s that meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month from 10.30 am at 35 Ock Street. She was giving them advice about how to stay safe from fraud and purse thefts.

PCSO Allison Blood won the Oxfordshire Police Community Support Officer of the year award. Sorry I am so late giving you that news which happened back in May 2018.
Stay Safe
There was another talk yesterday called ‘Active Ageing: Exercise and Brain Health’. This was in the King Charles Room (Kings Head and Bell), and given by by Neuroscientist and Alzheimer expert, Dr Sana Suri. The talk was put on by the Abingdon ATOM Society. The room was packed and Dr Sana Suri said ‘It is good to see so many people interested in ageing‘. Some of us were there trying to get some tips to avoid dementia. Dr Suri said ‘What is good for the heart is good for the brain’.

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The third Abingdon Passion Play needs you

Abingdon Passion Play
Calling all singers!
Abingdon Passion Play
Calling all actors!
Abingdon Passion Play
The 2019 Passion Play (to be held in the Abbey Gardens on April 6th) will be professionally acted for the first time, but singers and acting extras from the community are invited – in fact, essential!

Anyone interested is invited to a taster event at Peachcroft Christian Centre on 10th February. Singers 3-5 pm and extras 2-3 pm.

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Church in Abingdon Quiz

Church in Abingdon Quiz
The Church in Abingdon has been holding a number of joint events over the current week. There have been prayers at St Nicolas church each lunchtime throughout the week taken by different church leaders. Tomorrow (Sunday 27th Jan 2019) there is a joint service at 3pm at Christchurch. And last night the annual Church in Abingdon Quiz was held at St Helen’s Church. Thankyou to them for an excellent quiz.
Church in Abingdon Quiz
Money raised at the event will go towards The Abingdon Bridge, a charity that supports young people in difficult situations.
Church in Abingdon Quiz
In the quiz there were a couple of questions on local Abingdon history. John Mason appeared in the picture quiz, and we were asked the reason and the date for the first ever Abingdon bun throwing.

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