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Ladbrokes close Stert Street branch

Ladbrokes close Stert Street branch
In April 2019 Ladbrokes announced they were closing up to 1,000 branches as new gambling laws came into operation, limiting the amount customers can place on gambling machines with fixed-odds to £2 down from £100. Ladbrokes have now consolidated their Abingdon business by closing the Stert Street branch, and directed customers to the Bath Street branch.

The government policy on gambling machines was intended to help people with gambling addictions. Online gambling addiction is more difficult.

7 Comments July 4, 2019

The Magic Wok

Magic Wok
Michael sent me a picture of The Magic Wok now there is a brand new sign. He mentioned some time back that they needed to replace the older faded sign with something new.

The name Magic Wok can be found on a lots of Chinese Restaurants worldwide but I don’t know its origin.

There was once a TV show called The Magic Wok, and a recipe book based on the show. The magic could be how versatile the wok is for cooking stir fries. Woks are recent imports to the UK.

Or perhaps there is a Fairy Story about a a young lady whose Mother’s restaurant is failing and about how she is given an old wok for being kind. Then one day the Prince comes to dine at the restaurant. On that day they need all their usual woks, and even use that old wok to cook the stir fried rice. Tasting the stir fried rice the Prince is enchanted. He marries the young lady and they live happily until the day she looses the old wok.

6 Comments June 18, 2019

Monk of Abingdon’s roundabout – May 2019 happenings

Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
On the Monk of Abingdon’s roundabout there is an advert for the Oxfordshire BBQ Festival on Abingdon Market Place – Sat 25th May – organised by Dawn who does the Oxfordshire Chilli Festival.
Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
Congratulations to the Hilton Garden Inn that fully opened on 14th May.
Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
Nearby at the Fairacres retail park, Homebase, Topps Tiles, AHF and Vineys are due to be replaced with five new units. Homebase are closing in August.
Monk of Abingdon's roundabout
There are also savings on ex display furniture at AHF Abingdon who are closing in July.

3 Comments May 24, 2019

New Abingdon hairdresser

Dementia Action Week
A new hairdresser Dawsons Hair and Beauty Lounge has opened in the premises at the corner of Spring Road and Edward Street, previously used by Abingdon Beds. Abingdon Beds are now on Marcham Road near Majestic Wine.
Dementia Action Week
Inside there is a display of old photographs, including one showing the building in the 1970s when it housed Knights Chapel Works – where garden ornaments and other stone items were made and for sale. In the 19th century the building was a Primitive Methodist Chapel.

8 Comments May 22, 2019

Abingdon Shop Change – Patisserie to Massage

Patisserie to Massage
Delicious Abi, the patisserie on West St Helen Street, closed in March, and the shop front has changed to Abingdon Thai Massage. They will give head, foot, back and oil massage.

I did look up Thai Massage on Wikipedia and read ‘Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions.’ That just shows that Wikipedia does not always get things right.

Wikipedia also says the founder of Thai massage and medicine is said to have been Shivago Komarpaj the Buddha’s physician over 2,500 years ago.

5 Comments April 25, 2019

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