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Taken the P

Taken the P
There have been two different road closures in Bath Street this year, first for gas mains, and more recently for resurfacing. Somebody pointed out the road markings, after all the roadworks, and said ‘Somebody has taken the P!‘.

3 Comments August 20, 2018

Holey Abingdon

There was a further attempt today to mend the water leak that has been causing a problem in Ock Street since Mid March. The hole was bigger this time, and now that it has been filled I can see no sign of gushing water.
There is another hole between Stratton Way and Bath Street where there is usually a raised bed of flowers. This is part of new gas mains being laid.

5 Comments April 30, 2018

Ock Street hole not fixed yet

7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
The long running saga of the Ock Street hole continues. Colin, The Abingdon Taxi driver, wrote about the hole in his column in the Herald, and how after some time it was dug up and filled in again without any fix. In deed, matters were made worse as tar got splashed on the taxis waiting nearby.
7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
The same thing happened again this weekend. A hole was dug. It was filled back in again as the water continued to gush in.

So this morning the cones were back and the pool of water in the road was still there.

10 Comments April 23, 2018

Road Works and Weather

Thanks to Kim for this notification …
Gas Main Replacement
The Herald had a public notice in this week, and has details, about gas main replacement work in Bath Street between Stratton Way and Faringdon Road.
Gas Main Replacement
The 2 way control lights, sometimes operating, in Bath Street will be replaced by a road closure. Parking will be suspended. Diversions will be in operation. It could lead to delays.
Gas Main Replacement
Gas main replacement continues round the Albert Park; currently the top of Conduit Road is closed for three weeks.
Gas Main Replacement
There has been a lot of rain recently, but lunchtime today was warm and sunny. However temperatures are likely to fall this weekend. The newspapers are talking about a ‘mini beast from the East‘ at the weekend. This follows the ‘big beast from the east‘ at the end of February.

2 Comments March 16, 2018

Gas pipeline upgrades round the Albert Park

New pipes for old
Work to replace ageing gas mains around the Albert Park in Abingdon began last week and will continue for a couple more weeks (correction see comments).
New pipes for old
On Sunday the gate leading to the park area from Faringdon Road was open to help make up for the from Victoria Road being closed.

8 Comments February 19, 2018

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