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Fences added to 200-home-field in North Abingdon

200 home field
Outline Planning Permission was granted for 200 homes in a field north of Abingdon on 13th February 2018. The land was already part of the local plan.
200  field
Last week fences were added, probably to allow an archaeological survey. Meanwhile the detailed plans are being reworked. No building work will happen until they are approved.
200 home field
The site is on the field bounded by Tilsley Park, the Wootton Road, Dunmore Road, and the A34 (pictured above.)

Detailed plans were submitted but withdrawn in October, pending a rethink.

Among the comments to those plans were the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissiong Group who said ‘This development would realise an extra 480 patients on average, for the GP’s in the area …‘ Before they could approve the plans extra financial support would be needed for the local health economy.

The Friends of Abingdon suggested that the developer had underestimated the walking distance to a number of local facilities.

The Vale urban design officer suggested the plan ‘presents a lacklustre scheme with a measure of spatial inefficiency’.

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Old dispensary / library reading room to become restaurant / bar

Former Dispensary
There has been a planning application P18/V2127/LB since August to turn 23 High Street into a new bar / restaurant. The premises was used for many years by Smiths the Chemist. The rear area was also used as a reading room by Abingdon Library.

Work is underway in renovating the basement and ground floor. The planning application says there has been flooding in the basement which will be tanked so that it can be used for storage and a restaurant area. The dispensary area will become the kitchen, and a modern flat roofed area to the rear will become an enclosed smoking area.
Former Dispensary
The lantern, above the former Abingdon Library reading room, at the back is an interesting feature.

The plans say no major changes will be done to the front view from the High Street apart from installing stronger glass.

Smiths left the premises in April 2016 and were renamed as Avicenna Pharmacy, and took over the premises of a former pub in Stert Street, Abingdon. Abingdon Library left the back of the premises in the 1976, and moved to the Charter, Abingdon.

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Object in a Field

Trevor sent me this picture of an object in a field and says “Saw this today. It’s in the field behind the Morland Gardens development. Can’t be can it??”

The Morland Gardens development now shows as ‘Sold Out!’ on The Taylor Wimpey website. Work was nearing completion last time I visited.

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Stone Masonry round the Market Place

Work continues on the Guildhall inside and out, and has been through the summer.
Stone Masonry
In recent days a specialist stone mason has started working on the front of St Nicolas Church where some of the detail on the old arches has been eroded and broken off by the weather. The stone mason has matched up the stone to replace some of the detail that has fallen off.
Stone Masonry
There is a secure scaffold round the NatWest Bank. The eroded pillars had been protected by white boards before this work started.

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Hilton Garden Inn summer progress

Hilton Garden Inn
The developers have made good progress over the summer, and the extension to the Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon has reached its final size and just needs fitting out.
Hilton Garden Inn
The existing rooms will also be refurbished, if they have not been already. Some work has happened to some of them.
Hilton Garden Inn
This will mean the Hilton Garden Inn and Premier Inn, both on the Marcham Road, and not far from the A34, will be the big two hotels in Abingdon. There is also the Crown and Thistle in the town centre with 18 more interesting rooms. Abingdon does need more hotel accommodation in the town centre but the Upper Reaches has been boarded up for two years, and there has not been any news on that for quite a while.

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