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Whats On in Abingdon
The Abingdon Information Centre has moved upstairs into the County Hall Museum Sessions hall in Abingdon. I believe this arrangement is for the medium term until something better can be sorted out at the Guildhall. The stairs to the museum might seem a problem for some people but you can use the intercom and the person at the desk will come down to see you.

After finding what was on offer, I booked two tickets for Ma Bessie and Lisa Mills, performing at Cosener’s House on 30th September. There is also an interesting open air performance of A Woman of no Importance at Milton House on Saturday at 5pm.
Whats On in Abingdon
There is the chance to learn new art techniques with Abingdon Art School.
Whats On in Abingdon
Looking at Events on the Abingdon on Thames website I see that this coming Saturday the Oxfordshire Chilli Festival is on Abingdon Market Place, with street food and live music.

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Last Weekend – This Weekend

The riverside, riverside bars, and open air pool were not so full this weekend in Abingdon. There were not so many people taking the Salter’s steamers as last weekend.
Last weekend
Last weekend.
Last weekend
This weekend.
Last weekend
Warning notices appeared last weekend along the River Thames in Abingdon and along the mill stream. The cooler weather and faster flowing river, this weekend, should at least reduce the risk from toxic algae.

But nevertheless, please don’t paddel.

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Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends and Oddballs Rally 2018

League of Friends
The Abingdon Community Hospital League of Friends had a stall this morning on the Market Place with a tombola, and craft objects for sale.  They purchase equipment for the local hospital which may not be budgeted for under the NHS. Visit to find out more and become a member yourself for just £5 a year.
There have also been lots of scooters in town today. Later on, passing Southern Town Park I realised why…
The annual Oddballs Rally, a three day charity fund raising festival, was happening at Abingdon Rugby Club, and on the roads round Abingdon. There was live music in a big marquee (useful this evening with the rain), and people camping out with their scooters nearby.

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South Abingdon Children’s Centre – to re-open

South Abingdon Childrens Centre
The South Abingdon Children’s Centre, off Caldecott Road, is set to re-open its doors at the end of the summer. The trustees got the keys last Tuesday.

The group, Abingdon Carousel have transitional funding from Oxfordshire County Council, and a grant from Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, which means they have £100,000 over three years to get the project off the ground.

Abingdon Carousel has been set up as a Charitable Incorporated Organisations or CIO. This is a relatively new legal structure for a charity intended to reduce red tape. Nevertheless, negotiating the lease has taken time. Caldecott School will take about one third of the building and the new charity will take the rest.
South Abingdon Childrens Centre
Lesley Legge, the chair of trustees is pictured here, opening the door of the centre, with Councillor Sam Bowring, who initiated the project.

They will be offering a variety of services for families, children and vulnerable adults.

Organisations  already lined up to begin working from the centre including Citizens Advice Abingdon, Health Visitors, Downs Syndrome Association, Inspiring Minds and Carbon Cutters. The centre will be open five days a week in term-time to start with. From the New Year they are planning to run weekend and holiday sessions.

Abingdon Carousel will have some paid staff including a centre manager but will also be run by volunteers. Around twenty volunteers have already been signed up for a variety of work including helping at play sessions, event management, gardening, painting, reception duties and administration. Anyone who would like to take part can register their details on the website
South Abingdon Childrens Centre
There will be an Open Day on 1st September – a chance to speak to centre staff and volunteers. There you can find out more about the sessions you can use with your family or how you can join the team.

There is also a chance to help before then. Visit and sign-up to help clear the leaves and spruce up the building on Friday August 17th and Saturday August 18th.

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Now for some summer rain

Much needed rain
The long hot summer cooled in the last 36 hours, and this evening hailstones fell, followed by a shower that caused ground water to collect in the usual places. That included the bus lay by on High Street, in Abingdon;
Much needed rain
the end of the Abbey Close near that pointed thing celebrating the millennium;
Much needed rain
and a trolley park in the Waitrose carpark.
Much needed rain
Over recent weeks the countryside has seen a contrast between the oaten grass and green plants with deeper roots. But two trees are suffering a premature autumn at the recently rebuilt Abbey Meadow play area. Perhaps their roots have not had a chance to get established.

More rain is forecast.

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