Dalton Barracks Family Day

June 30, 2013

Dalton Barracks Family Day
People from the local community were made very welcome to the fun day for the families serving at Dalton Barracks. The Military Wives were performing when I got there – near the end of the fun day part of the event. An evening of music followed – like fun in the parks and music in the parks in Abngdon.
Dalton Barracks Family Day
The Oxfordshire Coordinator for Help For Heroes said his next big fund raising event, Ox-Fest, is also musical – a 3 day family festival of tribute bands. Including the likes of Abba, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Elvis …
Dalton Barracks Family Day
It was a beautiful clear day and the fun day ended with parachutes. As their aircraft circled over Dalton Barracks, parachutists jumped and had to free fall for about 10 seconds. Once the parachutes opened we could see trails of coloured smoke looping round, intertwining. Then one after another the six parachutists came in from the same direction to land as near as possible to the yellow cross.
Dalton Barracks Family Day
There was also a presentation at the end of the day, by those same parachutists, to the Abingdon Army Cadets – for being team of the day.

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