Palm Sunday

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday
M sent a more hopeful picture of blossoms along the path this Palm Sunday Morning.
Palm Sunday
Judith sent me this picture of a Thrush in the Abbey Meadows – seen hopping about as it caught and ate a worm.
Palm Sunday
New leaves are visible on the large trees over the road from our house in West St Helen Street. With this slow down in life, due to the virus and isolation, we watch new leaves forming when normally we are too busy to notice.
Palm Sunday
On Palm Sunday, here is a picture from the 2013 Abingdon Passion Play where crowds cheered Jesus on a donkey through the Abbey Gardens in Abingdon.

In our Trinity Service Sheet today, Deacon Selina recalls the crowds in Kenya when the Queen visited in 1979. Selina says ‘We were so close to her and marvelled at the way in which she was the most exquisite, flawless person we had ever seen!’.

The Queen will be giving a message to the nation this evening at 8 pm.

Here is the video from which that picture of the Abingdon Passion Play was taken. We were seven years younger then.

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