Lovely little town. Lots to See.

January 9, 2020

Lovely little town. Lots to See
Browsing the visitors book in Abingdon County Hall Museum there were a number of comments written in characters that appear to be from Asia.

In 2019 the estimated population of China was 1,420,062,022. India was 1,368,737,513. India will soon overtake China. Both are about 20 times more populous than the UK.

One comment in the book has been translated “Lovely little town. Lots to See”.
Lovely little town. Lots to See
MG is now owned by a Chinese Company and so the MG exhibits could be of interest.
Lovely little town. Lots to See
There is a rich history of wood carving in China and India so visitors could be interested in the carved mirror.
Lovely little town. Lots to See
The building itself and the painted staircase are very striking to any visitor. There will be a new temporary exhibition from 11th January called Mr Hemmings Hat & Other Curiosities – celebrating 100 years of Abingdon museum’s collections.

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  • 1. Howard Moon  |  January 10, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    That’s quite the carving, I had an old flame, Precious, who was quite into that style.

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