Clubs and Societies Day – 1 of 3 – Roysse Room

March 16, 2019

Clubs and Societies Day
Three of the rooms in the Guildhall were full of stalls for Clubs and Societies Day. I will visit a room a day for the next three days to given an impression of some of the groups.
Clubs and Societies Day
Abingdon Drama Club are currently performing Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer at the Unicorn Theatre.  The next show ‘Allo ‘Allo by David Croft and  Jeremy Lloyd will have casting on 27th March and 1st April.  There is more at
Clubs and Societies Day
Dementia Friendly Abingdon is a group raising understanding of dementia and promoting dementia friendly practice throughout the town. There is a good article about them in the latest Abingdon Town Magazine (that has just come through people’s doors). There are 300 places in the UK that have qualified as Dementia Friendly Communities and we want to add Abingdon to the list. There are hour long information sessions for businesses and groups. Email to find out more.
Clubs and Societies Day
Alongside was Healthy Abingdon who promote Dementia Friendly Abingdon and a number of other initiatives. For example there is Music for Mind and Body at the Conduit Centre, Trinity Church on Thursday.
Clubs and Societies Day
The Abingdon Carbon Cutters were showing some of their different initiatives including Plastic Free Abingdon.

My wife has started her first ever blog, about us going Plastic Free at Lent. She was posting things on Facebook but a friend was sharing it with her school class and suggested the blog. It is called Unfantastic Plastic.
Clubs and Societies Day
The Abbey Brass had a stall. Joining them is a great way to learn an instrument as they will lend you, or your child, the instrument and give you lessons and let you perform with the training band.
Clubs and Societies Day
Friends of Radley Lakes were there with a stall. Radley Parish Council are starting to put together a Neighbourhood Plan and the Friends want to hear how people want Radley Lakes to be developed, balancing new footpaths with the need to protect wildlife in some areas. Ideas can then be put forward into the plan.
Clubs and Societies Day
Age UK had a stall with a furry cat that moved and licked its own paw to clean itself. This was quite strange as it was a cuddly toy. Age UK also had a leaflet showing all the services they provide.

There were lots of visitors passing through the Roysse Room. Tomorrow we head to the Magistrates Court.

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  • 1. Angela  |  March 17, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    Nice pics Alastair. Well done everyone. What a fantastic range of clubs and societies. Such a lot going on in Abingdon, and so many willing volunteers making it all happen.

  • 2. Helen Flynn  |  March 17, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    Well said Angela. There is something for everyone in Abingdon. All the Clubs on display yesterday, over 30 of them, would not exist without volunteers

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