Galaxy TecnO are moving over the road

January 30, 2018

Galaxy TecnO
Galaxy TecnO are moving from the shop they have been in since October 2012.
Galaxy TecnO
They are moving over the road to the shop previously used by Patisserie Pascal. I believe Galaxy TecnO have been interested in making this move for quite a while, and so it is good to see it has come off.

They opened for business today, but continue to move the rest of the shop this evening. Galaxy-TecnO repair PCs, mobiles and tablets; buy PCs, mobiles, and tablets and sell refurbished devices; and sell PC and laptop accessories.

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  • 1. newcomer  |  January 31, 2018 at 11:05 am

    21:00 Tonight (31st January) BBC2: The New Builds Are Coming: Battle in the Countryside.

    “… film-maker Richard Macer heads to Oxfordshire where property values are among the highest in the country and vast areas of once protected countryside are being turned into housing. Filmed over nine months and with rare access to councillors, developers, architects and campaigners, the documentary visits CULHAM, near ABINGDON, where residents are up in arms at plans to supersize their charming village by 3,500 new homes”

    Quote from the Radio Times.

    This is a two part programme. Part two is on the 7th February.

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