Oxfam Pop Up Shop at St Ethelwolds – help of volunteers heart warming after a theft the previous night

December 3, 2017

Oxfam Pop Up Shop
70 years after the first OXFAM shop opened in Oxford on Broad Street, a pop up Oxfam shop was set up in Abingdon on Saturday. This was in addition to the permanent Abingdon shop on Stert Street.
Oxfam Pop Up Shop
Lots of volunteers helped set up a  variety of stalls at the St Ethelwold’s pop-up shop, down East St Helen Street.
Oxfam Pop Up Shop
They were there all day to help as customers came and went. I got there rather late when they were packing up so did not get a picture of the sleigh outside.

The manager said it was a wonderful day with so many good people helping. To her it was very heart warming after what had been a bad night. The Stert Street shop had been broken into, through the side shop window. Objects were stolen, as were the contents of a charity box made by school children to raise money for a village in Africa.

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