Local Excellence Market this Saturday – with two more big Saturday events on Abingdon Market Place to follow

November 25, 2017

Local Excellence Market
On the Market Place this morning the sun was out and people could enjoy the Local Excellence Market. Added Ingredients had a stall where you could sample and buy their products.
Local Excellence Market
The Market Place will be busy now for three Saturdays in a row. This Saturday was Local Excellence, Next Saturday is the Christmas Extravaganza, and the following Saturday is the Craft Market.
Local Excellence Market
That means that some of the stalls, including Vallis Green Woodworking, will be there three Saturdays in a a row. I first photographed Simon, from Vallis Green, about 8 years ago at a very wet event where he was one of the few stall holders to brave the weather.

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  • 1. Kelly Simpson  |  November 25, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    Lovely to see the market place being well used, and bustling with people today. Great stalls there today.

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