Bank Holiday Walks in the Rain

May 26, 2014

The Friends of Abingdon had organised a series of walks for this Bank Holiday Monday.  The rain continued to fall thoughout the day, but it did deter the folk of Abingdon.
 Bank Holiday Monday
Martin Smith, leading the Boundary Walk, said that it is the first time he remembered it ever raining on a Boundary Walk.
 Bank Holiday Monday
Eleanor Dangerfield, leading the Ock Valley Walk on behalf of the Green Gym, said that they had been very lucky with the weather for Green Gym events up to now. Rain was a rarity.
 Bank Holiday Monday
Wispy and Hattie are used to walks in all weathers.
 Bank Holiday Monday
On the St Helen’s Walk, local historian Judy White told people about some of the history of the buildings surrounding St Helen’s Church. Part of St Helen’s Mill, behind her, was used as a church school by St Helens from the 1830s before the Bury Street School was built.
 Bank Holiday Monday
There was also an 8 mile waterside walk, and an Old Abbey walk.

Thanks to The Friends of Abingdon, and Pat Bryden in particular, for organising all those walks.

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