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The Town Crier announces

New Town Crier
Abingdon has a guild of town criers and the town crier on duty does change from week to week. There are also two town crier uniforms now, whereas until a few months ago there was only the one shared among all. So things are looking up for the guild. They are also looking into procuring a second hat.

The town crier today was doing his second ever cry of duty. He had a good voice, and got applause on the Market Place. He announced Heritage Day (next Saturday) …
New Town Crier
Fun in the Park (day after)… The Boundary Walk… Followed by the customary salutation ”God Bless Abingdon, God Save the Queen!”
New Town Crier
The nut seller at the Italian Market then asked the crier to add to his script that this weekend there is also an Italian Market in town. A little later I heard the town crier in the High Street “… Heritage Day… Fun in the Parks… Boundary Walk …. Italian Market … God Bless Abingdon … God Save The Queen!”

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