Congratulations and Commiserations on Election Results

Congratulations and Commiserations
The Lib-Dems won 18 and the Greens won one of the Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council seats. The orange diamond with the slogan ‘Liberal Democrats – Winning Here’ came true today. They were a long way ahead of the other parties. Conservative voter turnout was about half the level of 4 years ago due to national politics, and the Lib-Dem voter turnout was similar to, and possibly up on, 4 years ago.

Commiserations to the Conservative Mayor elect David Pope who lost his position. Other high profile Conservatives losses include:  Mike Badcock (Council Leader); Alice Badcock (organiser of Fun and Music in the Park, and Chair of Amenities); Sandy Lovatt (former Council Leader); Monica Lovatt (Chair of the Vale), Dennis Garrett (who led the Guildhall revamp), Vicky Jenkins (a councillor who got things done on her local patch and who chaired the Community Services Committee).

Congratulations to the new council who will be taking Abingdon forward for the next four years – especially to Cheryl Briggs who becomes Abingdon’s first ever Green Party Town Councillor.

Thank you to everybody who voted for me as an Independent, and helped me in campaign. We were just 14 votes short and so nearly did it.

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Tales of Tellers and Vale District Councillors for Abingdon

At Polling Stations, some party supporters were Telling (taking voter card numbers) so the party could tell which of their supporters had voted, and did not need a door knock, email, or whatever methods the parties use to remind people to vote.
At Preston Road there was a Lib-Dem and Conservative. The Conservative has lived all his 71 years in the Caldecott area of Abingdon, having been born in Saxton Road. He is a Morris Dancer and was standing for Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council for the first time. The Lib-Dem was a former leader of the Vale of White Horse District Council.

At the St John Ambulance Station there was also a Lib-Dem and Conservative, but there was not room to sit down and talk there.
At Trinity Church there was just Jeanette, a Lib-Dem. One duty of the teller is holding the voter’s dog. She was holding one very large  and friendly dog and she almost got pulled into the polling station.
At Bridges Close there was a Lib-Dem and a lot of beautiful plants.
The polling station is in the hall of the Jephson Flats where you need to ‘Beware the Elderly’. I did not see any brolly wielding elderly threatening the voters.
Telling was difficult at the Guildhall where there were two entrances. People could easily go in through the Abbey Cinema entrance and avoid the foyer where the tellers sat.

(Update) The Lib Dems gained control of the Vale of White Horse District Council which they lost eight years ago in 2011.

In terms of Abingdon Wards:

Abingdon Peachcroft
Mike Pighills - Liberal Democrat
Max Thompson – Liberal Democrat
Not Elected
Vicky Jenkins – Conservative Party
Simon Hutton – Conservative Party
George Ryall

Abingdon Caldecott
Samantha Bowring – Liberal Democrat
Neil Fawcett – Liberal Democrat
Not Elected
Alice Badcock – Conservative Party
Mike Badcock – Conservative Party
Jon Bounds – Labour Party

Abingdon Fitzharris
Eric De La Harpe – Liberal Democrat
Robert James Maddison – Liberal Democrat
Not Elected
Monica Lovatt – Conservative Party
Christopher Palmer – Conservative Party

Abingdon Abbey Northcourt
Helen Pighills – Liberal Democrat
Cheryl Briggs – The Green Party
Not Elected
Katie Finch- Conservative Party
Dennis Garrett -Conservative Party

Abingdon Dunmore
Margaret Crick – Liberal Democrat
Andy Foulsham – Liberal Democrat
Not Elected
Sandy Lovatt- Conservative Party
David Pope – Conservative Party
Paul Burton – Labour Party

The majority for the Lib-Dems over Conservatives looks so large that it is very likely that they will have a large Lib-Dem majority in the town council when those votes are counted later today.

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May 2nd – Voters head to Polls across Abingdon-on-Thames

Local Election Day
Polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm on 2nd May. People can find out who they can vote for and where they need to go to cast their ballot by entering their postcode at

The Vale of White Horse District Council results will be counted early in the morning on 3rd May – results will be available via .

Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council results will be counted on May 3rd from about lunchtime. They will be on the Vale website and Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council web site.

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May Day Morning in Abingdon and Oxford

 May Day Morning
Despite a covering of cloud the sun cast mauve colours
 May Day Morning
and then appeared burning bronze on May Day in Abingdon – seen here near Abingdon Lock.
 May Day Morning
The May Day celebrations in Oxford were without the Abingdon Morris Dancers, but some of their members were there with the Oxford teams.
 May Day Morning
The Oxford Morris are led on May Day morning by Jack-in-the-Green, who appears only on May Morning after the Magdalen College Choir sing from the tower.

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A young tree needs protection – Part 5

Back in 2006, when I started doing This Abingdon Blog, one report was about three trees that had been planted in town. One got vandalised, one had a bad lean, and one was doing well.

Here they are again some years later…
 A young tree needs protection
The vandalised tree is long gone but another tree, planted nearby, is doing much better. I hope the new generation respect trees more.
 A young tree needs protection
The leaning tree continues to lean and still has a tree guard.
 A young tree needs protection
It also has a band to keep it from leaning any more.
 A young tree needs protection
The third tree is doing well. The tree guard has been removed and lower branches cut. That tree was planted in honour of John Jones OBE – a former Mayor and Freeman of Abingdon.

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