Two Rainbows and Floods Possible

January 29, 2013

Two Rainbows and Floods Possible
One of our North Abingdon correspondents has found a web page showing the level of the River Thames at Abingdon Lock – rising steadily again.
Two Rainbows and Floods Possible
There was a rainbow over the Upper Reaches, on Sunday, during one of a number of showers.

The night before, and after, there was heavy rain. Any remaining snow has been washed away, and this evening the Ock Valley path is already under a few inches of water again.
Two Rainbows and Floods Possible
Another rainbow was visible, on Sunday, over the road beyond Lodge Hill, currently closed by a landslide.
Two Rainbows and Floods Possible
That is halfway between Oxford and Abingdon.

It is not a way we normally walk but there is the opportunity now that it is almost car free.

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  • 1. Eddie  |  January 30, 2013 at 8:19 am

    The Environment Agency website showing the lock water height can be tuned to wherever you are, I have it showing me the water levels of the Ock. I am pleased to say that this morning it is still showing a long way from flooding. We were put on flood alert again on saturday morning.

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