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Getting rid of geese from the Abbey Meadows

Christine emailed me saying …

Please can I suggest that you turn your lens and wise words on Abbey Meadows, specifically the play and picnic area around the lido, children’s fountain and small cafe kiosk. The area used to be a popular picnic area and was always full of families enjoying a meal or playing. For the last months it has been virtually deserted as the whole area is thickly crusted with goose poo ! I don’ t think, in all the years we have lived in Abingdon we have seen so many geese, of several varieties, and so many goslings as this year. The authorities have banned dogs and there are cattle grids to keep them out but the goose droppings and feathers especially all over the concrete of the fountains, are a bigger health hazard as well as being unsightly. A cull is needed at best or, if that is too contentious, then encouraging the geese to go elsewhere.
Getting rid of geese
I went down there this evening when a group of Canada geese were just leaving and the area was thickly crusted with pooh, and even some pooh was around the interactive water feature.

There is a notice to say ‘do not feed the geese‘. However geese love eating short grass and the grass is kept very short here. One solution would be to allow the grass to grow long. Or replace it with artificial grass. Both ideas could have a down side.
Getting rid of geese
Dogs love to chase geese but as Christine says they are not allowed in this area, and could not be expected to patrol overnight in any case.

Could the Vale of White Horse District Council do a cleanup then find some way of keeping geese away 24X7 until September .

Are there any goose epidemic experts who can help?

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South Abingdon Fun day

South Abingdon Fun day
South Abingdon Fun day was not scorching hot like last year. The zorbing, giant bubble wands and go karts all returned, but there were no cases of sunburn.
South Abingdon Fun day
I helped a little on the Thameside Primary School and Nursery stall where we potted seeds, coloured pictures, and tinkered with tools on the tinkering table. We were promoting Thameside Nursery which has both 15 and 30 hour places available for September .
South Abingdon Fun day
Refreshments were provide by Inspiring Minds who run lots of courses and activities in South Abingdon
South Abingdon Fun day
The Rotary Club of Abingdon Vesper sponsor Saturdads at Preston Road Community Centre. ‘Designed for Dads, Uncles, Grandads or any other Male carer aged 18 and above with Children aged 4 years old to 11 years old. ‘
South Abingdon Fun day
There were lots of other cutting edge activities at the Fun Day, which ran from 11-3. On the Kick Start stall you could cut small circles of wood and then decorate them. Kick Start run a club for 6-11 year olds.
South Abingdon Fun day
At the first aid tent children could try out CPR on both the child and the baby dummies.

The South Abingdon Fun Day is organised by the Oxfordshire Play Association. They also run Saturdads.

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South Abingdon Funday and Flood Meeting

South Abingdon Fun day
The 5th Annual South Abingdon Play & Activity Day will take place on Saturday 13th July 2019 from 11am until 3pm at Southern Town Park. Entrance and Activities are FREE to ensure an Inclusion for ALL. It is organised by the Oxfordshire Play Association, and they hold similar days at different locations in Oxfordshire, including one at Dalton Barracks on July 27th.
South Abingdon Fun day
Abingdon Town Council has organised a meeting with the Environment Agency (EA) at which the EA will update residents on their work in relation to Abingdon Flood Defences and their latest proposals for a temporary flood barrier. The meeting will take place in the Roysse Room at 7pm on Thursday 18th July 2019. The picture was taken in July 2007 at the bottom of Caldecott Road looking towards the Iron Bridge.

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New Retirement apartments at two blocks high

New Retirement apartments
Planning permission was finally granted and construction is now underway on the one and two bedroom retirement apartments across the road from the fire station and Mayott House in Ock Street, Abingdon. They are also close to Carswell School. The building will be called Albert Lodge as Albert Park is not far away.
New Retirement apartments
Currently they are two blocks high. I will return in a few weeks time and see how that has changed.

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Hottest Ever Local Excellence Market

I missed the Local Excellence Market ten days ago. Thankyou to Abingdon-on-Thames Chamber of Commerce for this report and look ahead …
Local Excellence Market
We had 33 stalls for what was probably the hottest excellence market we’ve ever had. We were joined by a number of regular traders, as well as some new faces. Due to the heat our regular chocolatier and candle maker didn’t join us, but we welcomed Heidi Parker who designs and makes lampshades to order and is based in Abingdon.
Local Excellence Market
Hunnybunnys were here with their buggy wraps, ready for winter.
Local Excellence Market
The Hampshire Gluten Free company were back with a wide range of Gluten Free Products.
Local Excellence Market
Local artist Christine, who is one of our longest standing traders was one of many trying to stay cool throughout the day!

Next is our summer craft market on 27th July, all organised by the Abingdon on Thames Chamber of Commerce.

We are also looking for local bands, groups, singers, or performers of any kind to join us on stage and / or in the Christmas Extravaganza Parade. Anyone interested can get in touch by emailing

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