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Demolition of Bellinger to begin

It was a sunny day in Abingdon.
Demolition of Bellinger
Demolition experts have moved into to the ex Bellinger Garage on Ock Street – after the new care home got planning permission on appeal.
Demolition of Bellinger
Nearby work has been underway pollarding the Plane trees on Conduit Road. The road has been kept open and the tree surgeons pass down a log at a time on the one side, allowing cars to pass on the other.

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Exhibition of 425 new homes in Abingdon

Announcing 425 new homes in Abingdon
There is a new website called

On it is the announcement of an exhibition at the Northcourt Centre on Thursday 28th February from 3:30pm – 8pm showing more detailed plans for the first 425 homes of the 900 that have got outline planning permission. The three ‘parcels’ are those nearest Tilsley Park.

The developers will probably be looking for feedback from the locals attending the exhibition before submitting their final plans.

The other thing this housing will help finance is the Lodge Hill Interchange, but those plans still need to be agreed with the Highway Agency. The 900 home development includes a mixed-use local centre, retirement apartments, care home, primary school and public open space.

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Announcing The Royal Bicentennials in 2019

Announcing The Royal Bicentennials
Prince Albert, seen here in Albert Park in Abingdon, was born on 26th August 1819 and so his bicentennial will be later this year. Today, from his pinnacle high above Albert Park, he watched an onslaught of children and hounds. School children were on half term kicking balls about in the sunshine; hounds were being walked and run by the usual crowd.
Announcing The Royal Bicentennials
The daffodils have been dancing near the bowling club, like the ones Wordsworth wrote about in 1807.

Prince Albert has a Twitter Feed and has tweeted royal recognition to John Ruskin on his bicentennial.

His highness recently celebrated a wedding anniversary, and asked what one should get Victoria on their 179th. This will also be the bicentennial of his beloved Victoria who was born on 24th May 1819.

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Start of Big Spring Clean

Big Spring Clean
Thankyou to Helen for this poster  in advance of the start of the big spring clean.

Regarding the town centre I know that the local councils do litter pick some areas regularly. Along West St. Helen Street, a man does an excellent job clearing up the drink and fast food containers after Friday and Saturday night.

Other places are just a trap for litter that are very difficult to clear. For example, next to the Reynolds Way Supermarket there is a hedge that traps a lot of litter, and you notice it when there are no green leaves.

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Ock Street – Fish and Chip shop closes

Fish and Chip shop closes
Steve sent me this picture with the question ‘Is Reeves no More?’ The Reeves family ran this fish and chip shop in Ock Street up to about the 1980s. Over the road was Ruddocks – now Pizza Hut.
Fish and Chip shop closes
This business has been Salami’s Fish Bar since the 1990s. There are older pictures of Fish and Chip shops in Ock Street on Facebook – Spotted Abingdon.

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