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January 2019 Abingdon Blog Slideshow

Features quite a lot of pictures of the River Thames in Abingdon. Instead of music the backing track has the Town Crier, traffic sounds, and walking in the snow.

4 Comments January 31, 2019

Frosty Start and a walk along Wilsham Road to Abingdon Marina

Frosty Start
There was a frosty start to the morning with some dazzling sunshine. The River Thames though Abingdon is like a mirror reflecting the houses and the boats and cars along Wilsham Road .
Frosty Start
The water within Abingdon Marina is an even more brilliant mirror
Frosty Start
until some ducks churn it up.
Frosty Start
Back in 1987 you could have picked up properties at Abingdon Marina from £139,500. That was about the time we moved to Abingdon into a two bed semi in Riley Close for just over £40,000.
Frosty Start
Since 1987, and probably long before then, Wilsham Road has been used as an all day car park – with no waiting restrictions and not too far to walk to town.

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The third Abingdon Passion Play needs you

Abingdon Passion Play
Calling all singers!
Abingdon Passion Play
Calling all actors!
Abingdon Passion Play
The 2019 Passion Play (to be held in the Abbey Gardens on April 6th) will be professionally acted for the first time, but singers and acting extras from the community are invited – in fact, essential!

Anyone interested is invited to a taster event at Peachcroft Christian Centre on 10th February. Singers 3-5 pm and extras 2-3 pm.

1 Comment January 29, 2019

Gemini Hair stylists to close

Gemini Hair Stylists
Gemini Hair stylists have announced that they will be closing their business after 46 years in Stert Street, Abingdon
Gemini Hair Stylists
Notices says the business will be closing on 23rd February 2019. Their 45th anniversary was featured in the Oxford Mail.

9 Comments January 28, 2019

Progress on old Bellinger Site

Bellingers Site
Bellinger, the car dealer, moved from their Ock Street site on 7th October 2016.
Bellingers Site
Churchill Retirement Living then put in a planning application during February 2017 for 39 one and two bedroom apartments on the site.

The application was initially turned down by the Vale of White Horse District Council planning committee. The council officer judged that the benefits outweighed the concerns, but Councillors disagreed. Reasons for refusal were ‘…the scale, bulk and close proximity of the proposed building to existing dwellings, the proposal will cause an undue loss of light, sunlight and privacy to neighbouring properties…
Bellingers Site
So the site has had a couple of years to return to nature. I once took a picture of a young fox on the site.

The plan was then granted on appeal on 3rd October 2018 by a planning inspector, and so building work cannot be far off now.

9 Comments January 27, 2019

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