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Wood Carvers in the Community Free Space

Wood Carvers
In the Community Free Space members of the Oxon & Bucks Branch of the British Woodcarvers Association were still hard at work after the other shops around them had closed. The club was formed in May 2005 by a group of enthusiastic amateur carvers together with tutor Brian Eastoe.
Wood Carvers
As in previous years visitors are invited to see the craftsmen at work, see some of their finished works, and vote on the favorite work created in the last year. They will also be in the Community Free Space tomorrow (Saturday 27th October). There is also a Poppy Festival on the Market Place.
Wood Carvers
I then went to the library and on the way up the stairs took a picture of the panel that the wood carvers designed for the 450th anniversary of the Abingdon Charter in 2006.

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Art and Stuff Five Years Old

Abingdon Art and Stuff
Art and Stuff has been selling antiques, pictures, collectibles, and quirky stuff for five years now, and has been a great addition to Abingdon since taking over the premises opposite Abingdon War Memorial. Inside the shop, Gromit, the dog, is always on hand to greet customers in a quiet friendly manner.

Last time I was in there I had a look through a pile of old newspapers from the 1930s and 40s, and bought a Daily Mirror from January 1936. Most of the paper was dedicated to King George V whose funeral was that day. ‘Throughout the system of Cable and Wireless, Ltd., a two-minute silence will be observed to-day from 1.30 p.m.

Circuits will be suspended and cable and wireless instruments, which in the ordinary course never cease working on any day of the year, will be silent as a world-wide tribute to the late King.”

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Contrails on an Evening Sky

Just some of the pictures from a walk across Albert Park this evening …
Abingdon Marathon 2018
A jet leaves a vapour trail across the sky.
Abingdon Marathon 2018
The contrails (condensation trails)  have added to the evening cloud.
Abingdon Marathon 2018
The three bells in St Michael’s bell tower silhouetted with evening sky behind.

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Abingdon’s biggest Christmas card shop has opened

Abingdon Marathon 2018
All three servicemen have now been stationed at Roysse Court.

The noticeboard on the Market Place went a year or so ago, and the one at Roysse Court has also gone, while the silhouettes are on display.Abingdon Marathon 2018
In St Nicolas Church are further reminders of the Great War. Abingdon Musuem has a display of Great War propaganda, and there is a spill over of posters in the church. One reads, “Turn your silver into bullets“. Not a sentiment usually to be found in church where you are more likely to hear from Isaiah, “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.”
Abingdon Marathon 2018
Also at Nicolas Church, Cards for Good Causes: Abingdon’s biggest Christmas card shop, has opened.

Monica Lovatt, currently Chair of the Vale of White Horse District Council, was visiting the card sale, and is holding up a card from a charity for which she does a lot of work – SSAFA.

At this time of year we could also be expected to see the Abingdon Artists Exhibition in St Nic’s Church. The exhibition is on this week, 23 – 27 October 2018, but like last year has moved to Christchurch Barn, Northcourt, Abingdon.

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Monday Market Returns

Abingdon Marathon 2018
After a two week break because of fairs the Monday Market was back on Abingdon Market Place today.

Not only was it is Market Day, and sunny, but it is also the start of half term and there were lots of young families in town. It felt very busy in town when I popped out for lunch.
Abingdon Marathon 2018
I see that Abingdon Museum has wild art autumnal activities during half term – on October 25th – with print making from leaves, and hedgehog making from clay and sticks and pine cones.
Abingdon Marathon 2018
On the subject of leaves, a week ago the Thames by St Helen’s Wharf became a place where leaves turned the river gold.

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