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Days darkening at both ends

Days shortening
At 6:40am I left the house and saw the sun had not yet risen behind St Helen’s Church.

This evening I went out at 8pm to the shops and it was already dark.

Darkness is closing in on both ends of the day as we go into the last half of September 2018.

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Mostly Books Mobile

Hilton Garden Inn
Mostly Books has won an award from publisher Pan Macmillan as part of its Macmillan 175 celebrations.

Mostly Books joins five other independent bookshops from across the country who will all receive £1,750 to launch a new and innovative project, focusing on community outreach or supporting new readers.

The Mostly Books team will be using the grant to help fund a mobile bookshop which will be used to take books to villages and towns and schools around Abingdon. The aim is to provide bookshop facilities for those who are less mobile and to also provide greater access to books for children and families in the local area.

September 18, 2018

Hilton Garden Inn summer progress

Hilton Garden Inn
The developers have made good progress over the summer, and the extension to the Hilton Garden Inn Abingdon has reached its final size and just needs fitting out.
Hilton Garden Inn
The existing rooms will also be refurbished, if they have not been already. Some work has happened to some of them.
Hilton Garden Inn
This will mean the Hilton Garden Inn and Premier Inn, both on the Marcham Road, and not far from the A34, will be the big two hotels in Abingdon. There is also the Crown and Thistle in the town centre with 18 more interesting rooms. Abingdon does need more hotel accommodation in the town centre but the Upper Reaches has been boarded up for two years, and there has not been any news on that for quite a while.

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Battle of Britain Classic Car run

Classic Car run
The Sisters of Swing entertained the people gathered at the Abingdon Royal British Legion before the Battle of Britain Classic Car run.
Classic Car run
About fifteen cars took part in the drive organised by George Haslam. There were not only a variety of MGs, but also a Rover, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini, Morris, Austin,
Classic Car run
and a classic Aston Martin, with a hand crank starter, called Betsie.

The plan was to drive from the Royal British Legion, on Spring Road, to the Lodge Hill Garage to see the Spitfire, and then to Bridge House, on Thamesview, for tea and a chance for the residents to view the cars.

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Fire crews called to remove guttering dangling above Abingdon Market Place

Fire crews
This morning in town M&Co had to be closed and cordoned off because the corner of the roof had come adrift, and was looking dangerous. Two fire engines from Abingdon-on-Thames Fire Station were dispatched.
Fire crews
The rescue platform was lifted up to where the guttering was broken off
Fire crews
and then secured to the platform and broken off completely.
Fire crews
Quite a crowd gathered to watch the operation.

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