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Oxfordshire Artweeks – shorter November and December version

Canoe Club
Oxfordshire Artweeks is an artists’ organisation that promotes the work of Oxfordshire artists with a county-wide May Festival. Throughout November and December some of the artists hold shorter exhibitions and there was one at St Ethelwolds House over the weekend.
Canoe Club
The work of The Abbey Group, four artists living in Abingdon, was on display in the Garden Room.

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The Abingdon Canoe Club

Canoe Club
I read in the Abingdon Herald a couple of weeks ago …

‘The Kingfisher Canoe Club – and its youth division Pathfinders – packed up and left its home of 25 years in Abingdon on Saturday, more than 18 months after being served an eviction notice.

The club had identified a ‘perfect’ new site in the northern corner of Rye Farm Meadow but its attempt to move there has collapsed…’

Currently their equipment is stored miles from the river. I took a course with the Kingfisher Canoe Club a few years ago and think it would be a tragedy if others cannot learn to canoe safely on our local rivers in the same way. The club has been there for over 40 years.

The canoe club have looked at a lot of options before deciding on Rye Farm Meadow which is Vale of the White Horse District Council land. Up to the last minute the Vale were working with them and then there was a legal problem at the last minute.

Hopefully district councillors can help resolve this matter before we loose one of our most valuable local clubs. Councillor Details are at this link (Abingdon wards are at the top)

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From Shadow Light

From Shadow Light
This evening at St Helen’s Church there was a choral concert by Vox Coelestis. They are no ordinary choir. Formed in 2005 as a collection of musical friends they sang first on a one off basis to raise funds for the organ appeal at Holy Trinity, Coventry. Since then they have come together to perform 14 concerts and raised over £16,000 for a range of charities. And this evening they performed their 15th concert to raise funds for the Abingdon Bridge.

Singers are drawn from cathedral and chamber choirs across the UK. They were very very good. I loved the pieces where they sang from different places in the church. In one piece the sopranos were situated round the church singing a plain chant, and the rest of the choir gathered to sing from the front.
From Shadow Light
The Abingdon Bridge often has to help young people going through difficult times, and the music was by composers who had had their own sufferings. From Shadow Light – out of times of great mental anguish, distress and illness, beautiful choral music had been created.

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Abingdon Baptist Church Christmas Fayre and Development Project

Christmas Fayre
The Abingdon Baptist Church Christmas Fayre was opened by Councillor Monica Lovatt, Deputy Chairman of the Vale of White Horse District Council.
Christmas Fayre
The money raised will go towards the church development project that has raised over £400K from the required £650K.
Christmas Fayre
One of the organisers, Jill, explained that this will see the pews removed, a new glass screen to make a larger welcome area, a new dias and cross and furnishings, and general revamp. Work is likely to happen in 2018, and they are still talking to one or two potential temporary homes while work is in progress.

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Reflections on The River Thames

River Thames
Thanks to John for emailing this wonderful picture – ‘an illusion of lips from red bushes reflecting in water of the River Thames’.
River Thames
Nearer to town I too had a walk in the November sunshine by the River Thames at lunchtime today.
River Thames
For the first time in ages I pushed open the metal gate to the Old Gaol grounds. There is a key pad by the gate but it is left open to visitors during reasonable weekday hours.
River Thames
The sunlight was dazzling in the direction of St Helen’s Church.
River Thames
Looking back to the Nags Head Inn the reflections were as clear as a mirror. The Old Gaol is a prime location for anybody wanting to run a restaurant in Abingdon, by the River – with stunning views.

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