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Local Excellence Market this Saturday – with two more big Saturday events on Abingdon Market Place to follow

Local Excellence Market
On the Market Place this morning the sun was out and people could enjoy the Local Excellence Market. Added Ingredients had a stall where you could sample and buy their products.
Local Excellence Market
The Market Place will be busy now for three Saturdays in a row. This Saturday was Local Excellence, Next Saturday is the Christmas Extravaganza, and the following Saturday is the Craft Market.
Local Excellence Market
That means that some of the stalls, including Vallis Green Woodworking, will be there three Saturdays in a a row. I first photographed Simon, from Vallis Green, about 8 years ago at a very wet event where he was one of the few stall holders to brave the weather.

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Black Friday

Black Friday
On the way back from work I often pass the expanded Bicester Village Designer Outlet Centre. So it was interesting to have time to stop and have a look today. People were standing four deep in a Disneyland style queue outside Pandora, one of the most popular stores on Black Friday.Black Friday
Later in the day I saw people getting personal service in the Pandora in Abingdon

In Abingdon, the national chains had Black Friday discounts with offers like 20% off everything or 25% off everything.

Personally I think it best only to buy what you were intending to buy anyway and take advantage of any Black Friday discount, but not to go searching for things you would not otherwise buy.

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Christmas is just around the corner

There was a big effort today to get everything ready in time. The Christmas Tree and Giant Candles were put up in the Market Place.
The last of the larger decorations were also hooked up above the High Street.

The Abingdon Christmas Extravaganza, organised by Abingdon Chamber of Commerce, will be on December 2nd. That weekend also sees the Abingdon Beer Festival at the Abbey Buildings on December 1st and 2nd.

This weekend, on Saturday 25th November, Trinity Church has a Christmas Fair, and St Helen’s Church has a Christmas Market.

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Abingdon Shop Moves Overnight

Abingdon Shop Move
This evening, a well known Abingdon shop has been moving fridges, shelves, and food and drink from the old location on West St Helen’s Street to Stert Street, where the men’s clothes shop recently closed. It looks very smart and they will be reopening on Thursday 23rd for business as usual.

The Co-op in West St Helen Street has also had the shop fitters in overnight, removing a lot of their old shelves and putting in a lot of new chiller units. Again it has gone on overnight and they will be reopening on Thursday.

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Cycle ride to Radley College

Radley College
We went for a cycle ride and walk near Radley College on Sunday. We left the bikes near the Lodge Hill garage, then walked through the avenue of trees and then down towards the Radley College golf course. Most people we saw had dogs with them. This chap had a lot more than most.
Radley College
Looking down towards Didcot Power Station there were also a lot of geese at Peachcroft Farm.
Radley College
Our destination was the Womping Oak. It could have made an appearance in the Harry Potter books if Harry had gone to Radley College.
Radley College
We walked back up through the avenues of trees,
Radley College
down Lodge Hill
Radley College
passing the sign for quality Turkeys and Geese. Then back to Abingdon and a beautiful sunset looking down the Vineyard.

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