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Work Progressing on the Open Air Pool

Open Air Pool
For two months now, work has been progressing on the £1.3m rebuild of the Abbey Meadows Open Air Pool and changing area.
Open Air Pool
Currently the surrounds are looking very muddy, but the end result will be a pool that should last us for another sixty years (the current pool was dug in the 1950s). The revamped pool will have a beach area, a safer surface, and be heated more efficiently (the pool was first heated in the 1970s).

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Toilet Twinning

Trinity Toilet Twinning
Trinity is supporting a charity called Toilet Twinning. By donating £60 a time they help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to be healthy. There are already 13 toilets round the world Twinned with Trinity.
Trinity Toilet Twinning
Some members of the church have put a notice in the church magazine “Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year. I will not be sending cards but contributing to Toilet Twinning.”

To find out more about how to twin your toilet visit

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Abingdon Lock in November

Abingdon Lock in November
Not many boats are coming through Abingdon Lock at this time of year. Somebody has given Pooh Bear a new companion to keep him warm, but he looks a little overawed.
Abingdon Lock in November
There are now a lot of bird boxes and bird feeders at the woody area behind the lock. Frank has been keeping the birds supplied with food, and is showing here one of the devices that keep out the squirrels but allow birds to feed.
Abingdon Lock in November
Back along the road near the Kingfisher Barn Holiday Cottages there were sheep grazing in view of Abingdon’s County Hall. The sheep will need their thick coats in the days to come.

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St Helen’s Christmas Market and Trinity Christmas Fair (and a Robin)

I enjoyed going to Jumble Sales as a youngster in the village where I lived from the age of 10, and still have some of the prize finds from back then.

On Saturday, St Helen’s Church and Trinity Church both had their Christmas sales – events not unlike those jumble sales.
Church Christmas Fairs
At St Helen’s Church there were stalls in the south aisle – with a long table of books down the centre; a jewellery stall under St Helen’s Window; new painting by local artists either side; and refreshments along most of the south wall.
Church Christmas Fairs
Bric-a-brac and crafts were on sale opposite the refreshments, and then a raffle and children’s toys.
Church Christmas Fairs
At Trinity, the Christmas Fair was in the Conduit Centre – the church hall that once served as as school room, but now is more of a Community Hall. There was a rectangle of tables at the centre with people selling cakes, pickles and jams, jewellery, bric-a-brac, and raffle tickets.
Church Christmas Fairs
Other stalls were round the outside, including a Traidcraft stall, books and toys and crafts; and fund raising games run by uniformed organisations.

As at St Helen’s Church, there was an area for people to sit with refreshments and enjoy each others company.
Church Christmas Fairs
I did get some good finds, but best of all, coming out of St Helen’s Church, I got a nice picture of a Robin on the churchyard wall.

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