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Thames Hydro Project at Culham looks nearly complete

Thames Hydro Project at Culham nearing completion
Residents of Culham and Sutton Courtney look likely to be successful in being allowed to generate electricity from the River Thames at Sutton Pools.

The Abingdon Hydro project did not go ahead a year ago because quotes for building the hydro came in well above the budgeted figures, and time was running to start generating electricity in time to get a preferential tariff from central government. As a result the local people who invested in the scheme got most of their money back.
Thames Hydro Project at Culham nearing completion
Looking at the almost complete Culham / Sutton Courteney project you can see they have been allowed to put three turbines in a far more central position as part of the existing weir (Abingdon Hydro were allowed two turbines at the side).

The Culham project also has better access with a temporary road across the fields; and behind the project is a local professional company, Hallidays Hydropower, based in Dorchester-on-Thames, who have undertaken other projects since being set up in 2007.
Thames Hydro Project at Culham nearing completion
The fish pass also looks far simpler than the one designed for the Abingdon Hydro where less room was allowed.

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Turkey and Mistletoe

Turkey and Mistletoe
Yesterday we caught the X3 into Oxford and, among other things, walked through the Covered Market where Hedges’ posters advertise the geese and turkeys – supplied by Peachcroft Farm for over 75 years.
Turkey and Mistletoe
Turkeys and geese could be seen above the shop.
Turkey and Mistletoe
Hedges in Abingdon also have the same posters – alongside blackboards telling passers-by of the meats on offer.
Turkey and Mistletoe
There is no display of turkeys and geese above the shop window,. There is not even a shop window. Hedges delivery vans operate from here, but there is a door welcoming customers.
Turkey and Mistletoe
Not far away on the Market Place Mistletoe was hung out on the plant stall. Another of the ingredients for Christmas.

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

From Nat King Cole’s – The Christmas Song.

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4 am on a misty morning

4am on a misty morning
It is 4 am on Saturday Morning. There are still people going home after parties or Christmas work does. There will not be a bus until 6 am.
4am on a misty morning
There is a taxi on the rank, but not the queue of taxis you would have seen earlier in the night.
4am on a misty morning
A council street cleaner is clearing up litter further up the High Street.

The Town Council Christmas lights are off at this late hour. Only the lights in Bury Street ( run by an Asset Management Company) remain on all night.

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No outdoor swimming pool in 2017 but the future is secured from 2018

outdoor swimming pool
Usually when we hear that the outdoor pool will not be opening next season it is because of some problem. This time things are quite different. The Vale of White Horse District Council have announced that they will replace Abingdon’s Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool with a brand new pool.

The new pool will include a shallow beach area allowing easy access to the water, and a deep water area for swimmers and diving.

The outdoor pool will be closed for construction over the summer of 2017 but the splash park and kiosk will continue to operate. Swimmers can always use the leisure centre in Abingdon, or Hinksey outdoor pool on the Abingdon Road in Oxford.

Cllr Matthew Barber, Leader of Vale of White Horse District Council, said: ‘This year we saw more than 33,000 visitors to the outdoor pool, our busiest summer for many years… The replacement work will mean that future generations will also be able to enjoy an outdoor swim by the River Thames in Abingdon.

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Carols, Crisis at Christmas, and Narnia


The Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames has a Christmas Carol Concert at St Helen’s Church. All are welcome.
St Helen’s Church gets very well used over this festive period. In the evening, when I come home from work, cars are parked in every corner they can find, and during the day, when I work from home, there is the hub-bub of of school pupils arriving, by foot, and then going back to school after their carol concerts.
Jane sent me a picture of the Christian Aid singers and band at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. Christian Aid have a Yemen Crisis appeal along with other charities. We are all aware this Christmas that there are people in both Yemen and Syria who are in very great need. Nearer to home, at Christmas, we also have homeless aware campaigns such as Crisis at Christmas.
Throughout last week, and also today, Saturday 17th December 2016, the Church in Abingdon have recreated a bit of Narnia in the Community Freespace. So you are warmly invited to visit.

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