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Jagged River Banks Past and Present

Jagged River Banks
The river just over a hundred years ago had a very jagged bank.
Jagged River Banks
It was still very jagged when this picture was taken. Many Thanks to Captainkaos2 for this view showing the old changing rooms on tiger island when it was the town’s bathing place.
Jagged River Banks
The banks of the River Thames either side of Abingdon Bridge now have a well defined curve and have been reinforced to keep their shape, and allow mooring.
Jagged River Banks
Further upstream and downstream the banks are still allowed to erode giving them a jagged appearance.

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November 2016 Abingdon Blog Slideshow

In years gone by I put together a slideshow with music at the end of each month. Here is a return to that tradition. The front picture shows performers in A Christmas Carol at the Unicorn Theatre this coming weekend.

Click the x in the right top hand corner of any adverts that appear as soon as you can. That is just google trying to make money from youtube through advertising.

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Unicorn School Silver Jubilee Poems

Unicorn School Silver Jubilee Poems
What a nice suprise it was today on arriving home from work to find a book of poems celebrating 25 years of the Unicorn School – addressed to me at the Abingdon Blog. It is full of poems and drawings and shows how much the children appreciate their small school, the friendliness, small classes, and to be in a place where they can enjoy learning, even if they have to get up so early to get there.
Unicorn School Silver Jubilee Poems
The Unicorn School is a school that helps children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalcula, speech and language.

Fifty years ago, my sister struggled at academic subjects from an early age, and I could not understand why she was always in the bottom set. It was only when she went to Redhill Technical College that a recently diagnosed condition, dyslexia, was suggested. She was always articulate, but lost the thread when trying to write those thoughts down, and writing was all that school examiners ever saw.

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New Beauty Place

New Beauty Place
There is a beauty treatment place has just opened up over the road in West St Helen Street. It is early days and they have not added a sign yet. So it looks like all the shops in our road are now occupied, and in two of them you can get your nails done.

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Welcome to ‘Laudato Si’

The garland of leaves and flowers that has adorned the entrance to Our Lady and St Edmund Church in Abingdon for the last year of pilgrimage are now gone. Passing that way today I spotted something else on the first day of advent.
Laudato Si
Welcome to Live Simply – ‘Laudato Si’.
Laudato Si
I googled to find that Pope Francis’ initiative on climate change, ‘Laudato Si’, is an invitation to everyone on the planet to care for our common home.
Laudato Si
Twenty years ago church goers would park their cars on Sunday in the Penlon factory over the road. The area over the road has become housing. Old Man’s Beard can be seen sweeping in front of the houses between Penlon Place and Jackman Close.

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