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Announcing Open Day for Abingdon Guildhall Improvement Project

Guildhall Plans
Abingdon on Thames Town Council are holding an Open Day about their latest plans for the Guildhall on Saturday 23th July 2016 . This is on the Abingdon Portal and on noticeboards round the town. So I thought I would also announce …

Let me tell you of the Guildhall
Its rooms for public use -
Some ancient and some modern
all fused without excuse.

One end has lots of concrete,
A nineteen sixties build
That doesn’t fit the heritage -
Of a hall for an ancient Guild.

New plans will be on display
that change the modern end
with a new glazed public piazza
to meet the latest trend.

The plans will also include the removal of the front external escape stair and front and rear concrete ramps. The main hall will have raked seating and cinematographic equipment, and a stage moved to the other end.

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The Truth about Trident

Great Britain and Trident
Bruce Kent was there at St Nicolas Church last night at the invitation of the Abingdon Peace Group.
Great Britain and Trident
Bruce introduced Tim Wallis, who has written a book on the arguments for and against keeping Trident, called ‘The Truth about Trident’. Tim said that none of the arguments for keeping Trident, even that of deterrence, stand up to scrutiny. His presentation was made on the day after parliament voted overwhelmingly to renew Trident.

I suspect that this could be another topic where MPs do not accurately reflect public opinion. Trident allows Britain to punch above its weight on the world stage, even though the United States provides nuclear missiles for our submarines, and has to replace them regularly.

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CEG Consultation on 900 homes in North Abingdon

North Abingdon Suburb Plans
On the hottest day of the year people queued for 20-30 minutes at Tilsley Park to take part in a consultation being carried out by developers CEG about housing on land north of Abingdon. Large maps emphasized some of the community benefits that the development could bring, including a new primary school, footpaths and cycle ways, sports pitches and wide open spaces. The development could also give a financial contribution to a full diamond interchange at Lodge Hill.

Information about the consultation is available at North Abingdon Housing Proposals. The developers envisage work starting on the 900 homes in 2018 and ending by 2028.

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Big and Small Housing Developments in Abingdon .

Ex Pubs are small beer
The Cross Keys is currently being renovated and turned into 6 one bedroom properties, prices from £190,000.
Ex Pubs are small beer
Work on the Saxton Arms has not yet begun.

The ex pubs in Abingdon must be considered small beer by developers.
Ex Pubs are small beer
There will be an exhibition of outline planning for 900 new houses in North Abingdon on Tuesday 19th July, 5 – 8pm, Tilsey Park, Dunmore Road.

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French Flag at Half Mast on Spring Road in Abingdon

French Flag at Half Mast
On Spring Road in Abingdon, near the old West End post office, the flag of France is flying at half mast.
French Flag at Half Mast
At churches in Abingdon this morning there were prayers for the victims of the lorry attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, that killed 84 people and injured many more.

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